Kishwer says this pregnancy wasn’t planned
Kishwer says this pregnancy wasn’t planned

Kishwer Merchant: Being a mother at 40 is cool. Age is just a number.

The actor talks about pressure from family due to eight year age difference from her husband Suyash Rai, says “My child is a birthday gift for me from God”.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 04, 2021 06:39 PM IST

I always wanted a beach shoot to make the announcement and it turned out perfect,” says Kishwer Merchant talking about the Instagram post announcing her pregnancy. She married Suyyash Rai in December 2016 and admits that there was pressure to have a baby soon due to their age difference. She is eight years older to him. “Not just the several lockdown baby news but also that I am older to him so, the family, too, wanted kids and there was bit of pressure as we have been married for four years now. They knew we would need our own time toh zyada pressure nahin tha. In fact, this pregnancy wasn’t planned. It just happened!! We were in shock after we got the test results (laughs),” she reveals.

The actor, who turned 40 this year, calls her pregnancy a birthday gift from God. “Being a mother at 40 is cool and age is just a number. It was destined to happen this year, I guess. I asked all sorts of questions to the doctor but she’s asked me not to worry. In fact, I have cousins who have delivered at 40 and 42, so I don’t see age as a problem and things are changing as many people don’t have kids at 20 or 24 but a bit later. Moreover, due to our lifestyle, workout, healthy eating, it will be fine and delivering at 40 is fine,” adds Merchant.

She shares, she was feeling quite tired since over a month and that’s when she tested and found out at 2am that she was pregnant. “When he heard, he was quite for some time. But it took some time to sink in (laughs). We were not prepared as we would have waited for two years but after some thought we realised it was supposed to happen this way and we are happy that it did. People have to plan a lot and go through a lot to conceive and in our case, it was smooth. I feel lucky and blessed for it,” she signs off.

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