In a viral video Rahul Vaidya was seen praising Aryan Khan.
In a viral video Rahul Vaidya was seen praising Aryan Khan.

Rahul Vaidya lavishes praise on Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan in this viral video, says 'he had no arrogance'

  • In a viral video, Rahul Vaidya of Bigg Boss 14 is seen narrating an incident about how he met Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan at a city lounge and how the singer was impressed by star kid's humility and patience.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 03, 2021 08:47 AM IST

A video online shows Bigg Boss 14 runners up Rahul Vaidya praising Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan for his humility and good manners. Rahul was a finalist on the reality TV show and turned out to be first runner up.

In the video, shared by fan pages of Shah Rukh, Rahul can be seen saying how he visited a lounge named Luna at St Regis. It was around 1.30 am in the early hours of Sunday when he stepped out of the lounge. As he was re-entering, his friend took to meet Aryan Khan, who was waiting outside.

Talking about Aryan, Rahul says, "I met this very charming and good-looking boy. He was none other than Aryan Khan. The reason I am making this video is because the security guards were not allowing him to enter the lounge, obviously because of security reasons. It is common things - hoti rehti hain yeh sab cheezen (such things happen). He was so patiently standing there. He had no airs about being Mr Shah Rukh Khan's son. He was so patiently standing there. He is so fresh in my mind because I loved the one-minute teaser of Lion King, where he says 'Mufasa ka beta'. I just want to congratulate Khan saab and Gauri ji for raising him up so well. He had no arrogance."

Rahul also added how he told Aryan to come in and the young lad told him to ask the security staff to let him in. When the bouncers realised, they let him in.

Rahul may not have won the Bigg Boss 14 title but he is basking in the glory of the attention coming this way. He was one of the favourites to win the show. Rahul had caused quite a flutter while inside the Bigg Boss house after he had proposed on national television to his girlfriend Disha Parmar. The two will marry this June.

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In an interview to Times of India, he explained why he did so. "I realised each and every emotion and relationship when I was inside the house. I would remember the person who would cook food for me at my house to every bond, relation and friend inside the BB 14 house. I realised that there is this beautiful person, Disha in my life, why not marry her? So that's why I proposed to her on national television. She had once told me that if someone ever proposes to me I want it to be grand, par itna special ho jaayega woh usse bhi nahi pata tha (but even she did not know it would be so special)."


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