Upen Patel looking for an image change?
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Upen Patel looking for an image change?

According to reports, Upen Patel is looking for a PR manager who can create a new image for him in the media.

entertainment Updated: Mar 27, 2009 17:59 IST

Yeh dosti..

Howdee doo hoo my plum cakes! What’s happening in your duniya? Plenty in mine I must say.. a friend wants me to cheer him up while he zips, zaps, zooms his newest racing car in Hong Kong for the next Formula 1 event. I love speed too much to be a mere spectator. I’d rather wait for Vyjjy to get me my own Ferrari and then I’ll go zip, zap, zoom too. Till then, here are some spicy nuggets from tinsel town.Imran-avantika

So listen.. we’ve heard about actresses attending events for their boyfriends and actors showing their support for their steady dates. But an abhineta making a friendly appearance for a contemporary is something that my momma and granny used to talk about.

So when Ranbir Kapoor turned up at NCPA on Wednesday evening, every one present was surprised, to say the least. He was there in support of his jigri dost Imran Khan, who’s probably the first guy to be associated with the women-centric Vagina Monologues.Ranbir

Of course, Khan’s steady girlfriend Avantika Malik was there too, sauntering in arm-in-arm with her beau. And stayed put till the end of the show. When it was time to leave, she left hand-in-hand with Imran again.

What was more surprising than Ranbir’s arrival was his exit.

Rapchik Rajni, who had gone for a dekko of the show, tells me that the Kapoor dude left much before the play ended. Now now.. what could be the reason for his early disappearing act? Not so friendly this!

Rule breaker?

Oi oi.. I was just wondering where my chahita Shiney Ahuja had disappeared.. when Madhu my Mottu Maid tripped in with my morning cuppa and the news that she had spotted him on Wednesday evening. He was zipping around Mithibai College in Vile Parle in his BMW X5.Shiney Ahuja

Huh? What was he thinking? Shrugging her shoulders, Mots says that Ahujaji had thrown all caution out of the windows which were rolled down. He was yakking away, cell phone in one hand and steering wheel in the other. What’s more, he was gesticulating every few seconds.. while dodging evening traffic at the same time.

Fortunately for him, there was no constable around to catch him break the rule.. otherwise, he would have been fined for his offence.

Hmm.. the next time I meet Shiney, I’m give him a piece of my mind.. what kind of rash driving is this?

Image hunting

Excuse moi while I answer my kaaliberry. Turns out to be my birdy from Bandra, informing me that Upen Patel is looking for a PR manager who can create a new image for him in the media.Upen Patel

Apparently, Mr Patel is tired of being written about for his linkups with his model friends like Dipti Gujral etc etc. He now wants to be talked about for his work only.. nothing more, nothing less.

Oi oi.. but for that he has to have enough work to be talked about, no?

Or is that asking for too much now?

Nayi sahelis

Now now.. this certainly isn’t going to be good news for Tanushree Dutta. Her one time good friend Koena Mitra has found another saheli to hang out with.. so very soon after forgetting Tannu’s janam din recently. Now don’t ask me when that was! I only remember mine. Urvashi Sharma

Anyway, Koena’s new mitr is Urvashi Sharma.. the two were spotted a few nights ago at Prive in Colaba partying away in the
company of an unknown guy.

Nah, my informer claims the guy didn’t seem all that important to find out more details about.

He’s more worried about Tannu and wants to send her the biggest bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates to cheer her up. Really now!

Bed-time woes

Mottu’s back.. like a recurring nightmare if I may add.. giving out useless bits of info on chhota motta types. Right now, she’s all sympathy for Priyanka Kothari.. better known as Nisha Kothari.. apne Ram Gopal Varma ki muse. Nisha Kothari

Bechari Kothari is bored of being bedridden. It’s been a couple of weeks now, says Mottu. Seems she.. Kothari, not Mottu sillies.. fractured her leg while shooting for mentor Varma’s Aghyat in the jungles of Kerela. She can’t wait for the cast to be removed, so she can be up and around.. Ramuji, that is. This Mots, she takes the cake and the bakery, I tell you! But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Mar 27, 2009 16:17 IST