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Very impressed with Narendra Modi, want to join BJP: Rakhi Sawant

Now keen on joining politics, Rakhi Sawant says she wants to help people; insists her controversial image will not hamper her scope as a politician. And her idol is Narendra Modi.
Hindustan Times | By Kavita Awaasthi, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 04, 2014 04:32 PM IST

Bollywood’s controversy queen, Rakhi Sawant, has decided to turn over a new leaf. The actor and TV celebrity now wants to join a political party and she’s ready to put her career on hold for that. In this interview, she reveals her plans and explains why her public image will not affect her role as a politician.

Was joining politics always part of your plan?

Politics is the new phase of my life. I’ve been watching the news for a while, and Narendra Modiji’s campaign impressed me a lot. Like him, even I want a chance to prove myself by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). That’s how I got interested in joining politics and serving my country…it is, after all, in my genes, because my father was a cop. Not many know that I have fought for many social causes. I got the Lokhandwala Road near my house repaired as it would get flooded during the monsoon. I was also elected as the chairperson of the Disputes Settlement Committee of the Cine & TV Artistes Association.

How will you contribute to the political party?

I’ve always worked for the betterment of those around me and, if I do join the party, then only time will prove and judge my work. I have done lots for my colony and its betterment…whether it has involved fixing roads or water issues.

With your controversial image, are you worried that you might not be taken seriously?

Not at all. Why won’t I be taken seriously? I can be a good politician. People should judge my work and then form an opinion. No one has the right to judge me otherwise. Whoever wants to mock me will have to eat their words when I prove myself. Jin par log haste hain, wohi itihaas rachte hain (only those who are mocked end up creating history).

Aren’t you afraid that people might see this as a gimmick for you to stay in the news?

There are many other ways of being in the news, so if I wanted to make headlines, I could have done that at any time. But I have kept a low profile for the last two years. Fingers are being pointed at me because I am an actress and a woman.

Since the general population has a certain image of you, are you worried about their comments, for instance, at rallies, whenever you do attend one?

I haven’t thought about it, but perhaps I should. From Bollywood, whoever enters politics is targeted. But at least my father will be happy with this move of mine. He didn’t approve of me being an actor and always wanted me to work for the country. Now that I am doing that, his soul will rest in peace.

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