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Vivek: A controversial star

One wonders what is it about Vivek Oberoi that raises the hackles of the industry.
PTI | By Subhash K Jha (IANS), Mumbai
PUBLISHED ON JAN 22, 2005 08:34 PM IST

Vivek Oberoi's Kisna has hit the screen and very soon the verdict will be out whether Vivek is worth the attention or not. But right now the star seems to be more concerned about tsunami victims than anything else in the world. But his kindheartedness is seen with contempt. Its bound to be. Anyone who stretches a hand of sympathy to the distressed and the needy is bound to be looked on with suspicion, if not outright animosity.

It's the sign of the times. A symptom of the malady that is called cynicism. It wiped off recently a whole epic film called Swades. No one could believe any film could be so devoid of negativity, so filled with nobility and goodness. Cynics pounded Swades to a pulp, reduced it to rubble, and made it out to be the worst film on this earth.

And now many of Vivek Oberoi's colleagues continue to believe he is a publicity-hungry jerk.

Said one of his fraternities: "There's nothing that Vivek won't do to be in the news. Even go all the way to a tsunami-hit village and pretend to weep tears of blood for the poor victims. Oh, leave them alone! They've already suffered enough. Do they have to suffer Oberoi as well?"

Vivek hungry for publicity

Such red-hot animosity for someone who has toiled day and night with the cyclone hit!

What is it about Vivek that raises the hackles of the industry? It isn't a question with simple answers. It isn't to do with what Vivek does. It's to do with his belief in what he does. A man who has strong convictions and isn't afraid to articulate and exercise them will always be disliked. He's a threat to the culture of hypocrisy that prevails all around us.

I haven't come across a more misunderstood man in my life. Vivek is supposed to be a pompous and opinionated liar. Sorry, he is none of that.

In all the time that I've known him, he has never once shown himself to be the "arrogant little creep" that one of his heroines calls him.


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