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Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc promises epic showdown and the best the anime could deliver

Feb 24, 2024 06:21 PM IST

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle arc could be the best anime series offering so far. The internet is not ready for what's coming next.

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc, a.k .a. its final arc, has all plans to elevate world-building levels previously firmly established by the much-loved anime series since its TV inception in 2018. Unleashing its Pandora's box of endearing characters, engaging storylines and visual escape, the anime's Hashira Training arc was recently brought alive in the movie premiere slated for February 23.

Demon Slayer manga
Demon Slayer manga

However, that wasn't the end. After the enthralling plot of the training bit, it's time to enter the final arc, which has been hailed as the best the series has to offer by manga fans. Here's what the next arc will likely deliver:

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Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc

Hashira Training Arc ending recap:

The Infinity Castle Arc encompasses Chapters 137-183 of the manga pages. After all major Demon Slayer characters hit the height of their potential in the Hashira Training arc, Muzan Kibutsuji and Kagaya take a walk around Ubuyashiki's house.

Muzan and Ubuyashiki family's histories and their curse become the central point of these conversations, further revealing Muzan as a distant relative. On top of that, his sins caused the curse to find fruition.

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Kagaya, the Demon Slayer Corps leader, though targetted by Muzan, ends up blowing himself up while attempting to hurt the Demon King. In hopes of things resolving in his favour, he awaits the Corps to take charge, but the Infinity Castle doors open and pull them in.

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc fights

The Corps gets sucked into the Infinity Castle, which is filled with demons on all sides. As Hashira and the rest come face to face with the Upper Demon Moons, one can expect one of the greatest fights to unravel in the history of the anime. One of these rising fights is between Insouke, Shinobu and Kanao against Doma (Upper Moon Rank 2).

As one of the top-ranking demons, Doma's power is unmatchable. In addition to the action-packed fervour of the showdown, it will equally have the power to twist the emotional knife with nearly every other character associated with Doma.

Another unexpected and heart-rending moment will include the battle when Tanjiro and Giyu go up against Akaza (Upper Moon Rank 3). If these demons weren't deadly enough already, imagine how much chaos would be concocted by the one seated at the highest rank.

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Kokushibo's Demonhood vs the strongest heroes of the Demon Slayer series will result in an animation spectacle unlike another.

The fast-paced action will in no way one-up the animated visuals. With the animation aesthetic pushing its boundary, the characters won't stay back either.

Stand-out characters

Akin to how the fans will be bidding farewell to the saga, the series will also be saying goodbye to many characters who've won hearts on a global scale. Even as the series closes their chapters, it doesn't take them for granted and adds a heartwarming touch to each of their poignant contributions.

This beautiful ending won't be limited to the heroes' narratives. Villains will equally shine bright as they tread the path of redemption in some cases. Coming full circle, the Demon Slayer final arc has reserved something powerfully beautiful for every side of the story.

The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video in select locations.

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