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Who’s the new Dhoom III girl?

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary.

entertainment Updated: Aug 08, 2011 13:54 IST
Miss K
Miss K
Hindustan Times

Guess who’s the new Dhoom III girl? Well, the whole nation has been speculating and the media has been throwing up names ranging from Katrina Kaif to Angela Jonsson. One thing is for sure: every star and starlet has her eyes fixed on the hottest role of the millennium — Dhoom III opposite Aamir Khan!

The most wanted person in the country at the moment is Shanoo Sharma, the casting director for Yashraj Films, which in our country, is a position as powerful as a parliament seat. So who will it be? It could be anybody, including me! While the left side of my brain tells me that YRF would never cast anybody, who isn’t a ‘somebody’, the more creative side of my brain believes in the suspension of disbelief — a module in cinema that reasserts that anything is possible!

I met Shanoo a year ago and I was quite intimidated in the run-up to that meeting. Somehow, I just couldn’t get myself to let loose during the Q&A she recorded on her handy cam while asking me about my favourite films, directors, actors and what I found sexy in a man.

I really wish I had the experience to crack the first meeting and project that confidence then. Over the years, I’ve realised what a five to seven-and-a-half minute ‘meeting’ is all about. It’s like a bar code scan. One look and a casting director can tell how confident, enthusiastic or driven you are. But there is nothing you should or shouldn’t have said — it’s what you are at that point in your life, so don’t try too hard!

Also this week: I’ve almost been selected for an English crossover film. The deal is sealed 90 per cent. Yay! Among the not-so-yay news: I landed up at a Vaseline body lotion audition with the horrid realisation that I hadn’t… well... waxed (gulp)! Despite wanting to go back home, I decided to just go ahead with it. So… sticking my arms close to my torso, I applied the lotion to my smooth and (hairy!) arms and legs. Arggh! Now I’m just hoping that they don’t magnify my ‘Punjabi hair’ on their large LCDs for the selection meeting with the ad agency guys! Yikes!

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