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Your prospects for 2011

2011 is all set to ring in change for everyone. Our resident astrologer, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, decodes what the year shall bring for all sun signs.

entertainment Updated: Jan 01, 2011 10:41 IST
Hindustan Times

2011 is all set to ring in change for everyone. Our resident astrologer, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, decodes what the year shall bring for all sun signs.

(Mar 21-Apr 20)
The year starts on a healthy note, but around mid-July, you need to take extra care. On the professional front, someone working against your interests needs to be won over, instead of being confronted. The marital boat will cruise along smoothly, but only if you give each other adequate space! Making a fresh beginning on the romantic front is indicated for some.
Lucky Charm: Gold or silver pendant

(April 21-May 20)
The ailments that afflict you presently will disappear by the middle of the third quarter of 2011. Expect significant changes on the career front between the months of February and July. A vacation with your near and dear ones is indicated in the month of April or May. Love is in the air for the whole of 2011!
Lucky Charm: Gold-coloured wrist watch

(May 21-June 21)
Healthwise, you will need to take extra care in the months of March and June. An fulfilling time is foreseen on the professional front. Those planning to set up their own business should avoid the months of August and September. A long-term romantic relationship may culminate in wedding. Those married will succeed in keeping the passion alive.
Your Lucky Charm: Silken handkerchief with gold thread

(June 22-July 22)
You remain worried about health, but things will change for the good. Career opportunities are aplenty, as you enjoy an unhindered run of luck in the first two quarters. A chance to travel overseas is possible. Young couples will enjoy closeness not experienced before.
Lucky Charm: Ring with your birthstone

(July 23-August 23)
Your love for physical activity keeps you fit. End of the third quarter rings in good health, as you get increasingly health conscious. Your never-say-die attitude will make the year good for your career. Your charisma is likely to prove irresistible to someone from the opposite camp in the first or third quarter of the year 2011, so expect romance to blossom!
Lucky Charm: Red coloured wrist band

(August 24-September 23)
The first quarter is likely to liberate those ailing since the previous year. A steady build up on the career front will come to fruition by the second month. Additional academic qualifications are likely to benefit in a competitive situation. Although you remain happy in your present relationship, someone’s unusual interest in you may become hard to resist!
Lucky Charm: Pendant of any semi-precious stone

(September 24-October 23)
The year 2011 brings good news on the health front. Beware of injuries or some disease in July. If a job switch is on your mind, 2011 is the year for you. Taking up a social cause is indicated for some. Marital life will remain without problems, but some turbulence can be experienced in the last quarter. There’s a possibility that love may creep up on you, without you even realising it, in the first quarter itself!
Lucky Charm: Pearl in jewellery

(October 24-November 22)
Freedom from an ailment is indicated by the end of the first quarter. Be careful in the months of September and October, as some serious ego problems threaten to harm your career. Married life will have its ups and downs, as you get caught in balancing work and home. Romance is likely to hit a rough patch.
Lucky Charm: Copper coin

(November 23-December 21)
Your health remains satisfactory, but watch your step in July. Multi-tasking may become your forte in creating more earning opportunities and a promotion or a coveted appointment. Family life appears most satisfying. Too many love interests may prevent you from having a steady relationship. But instead of pitying your situation, you will enjoy the brief flings!
Lucky Charm: Silver bead in black string

(December 22-January 21)
The first and the third quarter are periods of excellent health. Professional front remains excellent, but you will need to keep your emotional nature in check. Your reputation on the social front is likely to soar, and wedding bells may toll for some.
Lucky Charm: Any sandalwood item

(January 22-February 19)
Eating right and adopting an active lifestyle will need to be your fitness mantra for the year, if you want to maintain perfect health. Those looking for a suitable professional break may get their chance after a frustrating two months at the beginning of the year. The hectic pace of the year may not permit you to enjoy family life to the fullest. The months of June, July and August appear favourable for those romantically inclined.
Lucky Charm: Silver bracelet

(February 20-March 20)
A balanced lifestyle promises to keep you in perfect health throughout 2011. Whatever you have managed on the professional front in the year 2010, will multiply many times over to make this year one of the best professional phases of your life! There’s much love and caring on the cards.
Lucky Charm: Peacock feather

First Published: Dec 31, 2010 17:29 IST