Get ready, fashion this year is all about letting yourself go!

Don'ts will turn into dos, your orphaned earrings will find company, and you'll be partying in breezy pants. Get ready for some fun, girls! Fashion this year is all about letting yourself go.

fashion and trends Updated: Jan 10, 2015 17:04 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
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What an awesome year this is going to be! Fashion is a whole lot easier, fun and relaxed in 2015.

There's a shift from form-fitting, highly structured silhouettes to what's fuss-free, soft and flowy. The idea is to loosen up and feel sexy. Sounds fun, right? And girls, the bit that we love the most about this year is that being yourself is the new black. Fashion in 2015 is more about wearing what you like, rather than blindly conforming to rules! You will always find a way to make your favourite trend more you.

So, whether you elbow your way through the stalls of a flea market or shop from the swankiest of city malls, we have put together what to look for when you go shopping. And no, we didn't peep into a crystal globe or pursue a soothsayer to tell you where fashion is headed to. We just paid attention.

With fashion inspiration landing up right on your desktop much in advance, thanks to world fashion weeks, style forecasting is now more homework than cosmic insights. Get ready to hug an awesome new year with equal awesomeness!

* Mismatched earrings: We have seen risk-takers such as singer Miley Cyrus and model-actor Diane Kruger dipping their toes in the trend, and now it's time for it to go bold and mainstream. A throw back to the flamboyant '80s, this trend will change the fate of all your orphaned earrings waiting for a ride out.

* Fanfare to fun: The fashion year that's gone by fed us with dollops of aesthetic brilliance. Nostalgia, avant-garde and romance - we gulped it all with heady excitement. From the flash of fantasy inspired ear-cuffs to the swoosh of mythical-looking gowns, fashion met us in its full splendour. Now, expect a shift from the layered, restricting silhouettes to comfy, flowy forms, and revival of the bohemian spirit.

* The dance floor sari: We love bling and we'll have a lot more of it this year. From lamé and sequin to paillettes, it will be a year full of sparkle! Apart from blingy brilliance, Angelina Jolie-slits, sheer, sensuous fabrics and capes will create dance floor-proof outfits marrying the sari with the comfort of a zip-and-go gown.

* Old world glamour: The past will keep us inspired. Lady-like full skirts, 1940s tea dresses, vintage hairstyles such as victory roles, finger waves, Old Hollwyood curls teamed with creamy skin and classic winged eyes coalesced with sultry red lips will continue to define unadulterated glamour.

* The pant suit: Quickly unlearn everything you know about wearing pant suits to a party. Think whimsical, playful and cheery. This is exactly how you always wanted to suit up, isn't it? From leopard prints, geometrics and boho chic florals to tribal prints, dressy-pant suits have never been so much fun!

* Enchanted florals: Textured, vibrant, 3D, and bursting with colours, florals will be big this year, literally. So, move over meek grandmom prints and invest in intense, jaw dropping, drunk florals. This is your time to go into a complete floral trance.

* Sheer delights: You will see a lot more of this sheer genius of a trend that lets you show a bit of skin and still feel covered up this year. See-through gowns, sheer wide-leg pants, leg veils, exposed shoulders, peekaboo panels at waist - we will be up for sheer indulgence in soft, translucent fabrics.

* Ruffles on high: No, this isn't about your niece's fancy dress frock. We're talking bigger, bolder, edgier stuff. The reincarnated ruffles will circle your neck, sashay down your hips, and adorn your hemline to create fairytale allure. And you wouldn't have to bother dressing them up. An adornment in themselves, they are your best pick for an instant drama-high look. (A ruffled skirt is a great way to road test the trend).

* The psychedelic '70s: We will fall in love with the relaxed '70s, all over again. Cheery florals, tie- and-die prints, and loose-fitting, breezy silhouettes will create a totally freewheeling, bohemian vibe with a dash of romance. So, call upon the hippie in you in floor- grazing maxi dresses or wide-legged pants, go out drinking in your fringed poncho, and swap your heels with gladiator sandals for that date. No one's going to mind!

Designers pick the 2015 trends

You will have fun wearing matching prints. Crop tops will continue to be popular. Pants would be more relaxed - fitted on waist and hip, flared from the thigh and super comfy- Nida Mahmmood

Contemporary folk will inspire prints and weaves. We'll also see a lot of cerebral fashion - intelligent cuts will creategarments that will make you wonder how they have been made- Gaurav Gupta

From L to R: Nida Mahmmood, Gaurav Gupta and Rina Dhaka

There is nothing more glam, sensuous and beautiful than a woman in a sari. Indian women would hold on to this trend. The demure anarkali kurtas, mid -thigh tunics with shararas and the old- world zardozi embroidery will herald a new era of Indian allure- Suneet Varma

Colour blocked Indian outfits will be big this year. Intense combos such as black and red will spellsophistication. Fashion will be simple. A lot of effort will go into creating outfits that look stunning, are comfortable and fuss-free. Cut work would be the new lace- Rina Dhaka

First Published: Jan 10, 2015 16:41 IST