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Keep those lips protected

Winter is wonderful, but the cold can be hard on your lips. So we tested some lip balms just for you! Check them out.

fashion and trends Updated: Nov 27, 2010 20:55 IST
Team Brunch
Team Brunch
Hindustan Times

Winter is wonderful, but the cold can be hard on your lips. So we tested some lip balms just for you! Check them out.

Body Shop lip balm
Price: Rs 99

I can’t survive without something to keep my lips from drying and (ugh!) actually chapping. Normally, I just use Vaseline, but I was happy to try a new product.

The best part about The Body Shop Lip Balm was the flavour (strawberry). But when you apply it, the balm leaves a sort of coating on your lips, which is not a very pleasant sensation. On the plus side, my lips stayed soft almost the whole day. I had to re-apply the balm just once or twice.

Orange and Citrus
Price: Rs 150

Using an Ayurvedic lip balm seemed sort of the right thing to do. The orange and citrus flavour smelt nice, but the lip balm needed some digging out of its container. On application, it made my lips feel smooth, but not waxy. The citrus flavour lingered for quite some time, making me feel pretty fresh. Though I work in an enclosed environment, thankfully, I didn’t have to keep reapplying the
balm every hour.

Price: Rs 274

This is an Ayurvedic lip balm with a honey flavour. At the bottom of the jar are a few drops of honey to get the point across. This would be best for extra dry lips, because it borders on the oily. On application, the lips feel smooth, but I had to re-touch within an hour. The best part is that it feels natural on the lips.

Oriflame lip spa
Flavour: Natural
Price: Rs 198

This lip balm definitely gives you a spa-like experience. The moment you apply it on the lips, you get a rich creamy feeling that lingers for almost three hours without the need for a touch up. It has a moisture rich dual core that gives instant relief to dry lips. The fact that there is no artificial flavour gives your lips a very natural feel. It also has SPF 8 that provides protection to your lips against the harmful sun rays and provides essential hydration.

Flavour: Cranberry jam with SPF 16
Price: Rs 99

The biggest problem with dry lips is the fact even the lipstick doesn’t come out smooth on them. And with the changing weather, this problem was bothering me all the time. This tinted lip balm with SPF 16 not just has a delicious flavour (nearly ate all of it the first time I applied it), it actually kept my lips looking soft and shiny for nearly three hours without a touch up.

Price: Rs 95

This lip balm doesn’t look fancy and doesn’t boast of flavours or fragrances. But with SPF 15, it offers sun protection. On application, the lips feel smooth and moisturised. And the feeling lasts for more than three hours.

Flavour: Cherry
Price: Rs 199

With its pungent but fruity smell and sugary taste, the Faces cherry lip balm is not something that you would want to apply in winter. Since you will be licking your lips all the time, it has to be re-applied repeatedly. The balm itself is quite dry, so it has to be applied in a thick layer, and needs to be touched up pretty often.

Flavour: None
Price: Rs 129

Many people would swear by this brand. It tends to be a favourite with most of us for the simple reason that it does its work (that is, it makes dry, chapped lips smooth) without the extra frills of special flavours and so on. One application provides you with smooth lips that remain hydrated for a pretty long time, so that you don’t have to keep hunting for that lip balm stick all the time.

Vlcc lip shield
Flavour: Cocoa butter
Price: Rs 80

This lip balm with SPF 10, enriched with Vitamin E, is suited for all skin types. When it’s applied at night, your lips remain soft till the morning. It gives the lips a smooth feeling. There’s no sense of stickiness. The only drawback – it is too dry as a balm and you need to apply it in a thick layer at any given time.

Price: Rs 25

What does the lone guy in Brunch do when the boss asks the department to test lip balms for the Women’s Special? He sneaks out, buys the cheapest and most inconspicuous lip balm available – Vaseline – and dashes back home. He then puts on a tiny dab of the stuff – strictly for professional reasons. His lips, chapped by the bitter Delhi winter, instantly feel soothed – soft, moisturised, shiny…okay, STOP!

Lotus herbals
Flavour: Raspberry
Price: Rs 59

I wanted to pick a lip balm that would last for the whole night and not leave my lips looking and feeling dry when I woke up. Besides raspberry extract, this balm also has honey, almond oil and wheatgerm oil. Even though the balm felt a little dry when I used it, it did not feel like wax on first application, and I was happy to wake up with a pair of smooth looking lips in the morning.

First Published: Nov 27, 2010 17:46 IST