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fashion and trends Updated: Mar 23, 2009 15:32 IST
Sangeeta Khanna
Sangeeta Khanna
Hindustan Times

I’m a 50-plus pathologist. I had been taking contraceptive tablets and have developed dark pigmentation on both cheeks. I have a wheatish complexion so my dermatologist has asked me to apply a D-5 make-up base. Can you tell me more about this product and how long lasting it is?

D5 is a concealer series in make-up. Simply called derma and number 5, it is used for medium fair to fair skin tone. While choosing a concealer apply it on your chin and on your dark patches. If the pigmentation is camouflaged, opt for that shade.

In case it doesn’t, blend two shades of concealer and repeat the patch test till you get your perfect skin tone shade. Buy translucent powder which matches the concealer. You will also need a latex sponge and a powder brush. Clean your face, apply a moisturiser or sun block. Wait for a while.

Take a little concealer with your index finger and spread over the pigmentation. Blend with sponge till the spots fade. Apply powder, brush off excess.

Move the powder brush in a circular direction over the face. The make-up stays for five to six hours depending on your skin type. The brushes and sponges should be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

My hair has become very scanty.. almost bald at the top of my head. I have shoulder length hair otherwise. At times I dab kajal on the scalp to hide these patches. Can you suggest another way out?

There are hair fibres available in powder form in two to three shades. They are easily available at beauty stores and malls. Comb your hair or style it as you do normally.

Then sprinkle the powder on the scanty hair patches and wait for a while. The powder will form a gel with your hair and camouflage the patches well. Choose a shade that matches the colour of your hair root.

We have recently shifted to Mumbai and I am working with a BPO firm. I’m wondering how to choose a salon that suits me best?
Harpreet Kaur

Ask your neighbours and colleagues and go by word-of-mouth advice.When you enter a salon check the staff and the hygiene. Get something small done, then decide for yourself if it suits you.

First Published: Mar 23, 2009 15:25 IST