No more greys: Spruce up your workstation with these easy decor tips

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May 21, 2018 04:55 PM IST

Getting bored of the greys and whites of your office workstation? Here are some easy decor ideas which you can implement to lend a personalised touch to your desk.

For working class adults, who spend a considerable chunk of their day behind a computer screen, perched at a workstation, the surroundings can get a bit monotonous after a while. Be it a corporate setup, or your very own home office, who says that you can’t have a touch of personalisation added to the place where you work? “Workplace today is about innovative and inventive design. We spend so many hours in our office spaces that it’s only natural for us to want to have a space that clicks with us,” says decor expert Suparna Handa.

Jazz up your workstation with colourful stationery, planters and innovative lamps.(iStockphoto)
Jazz up your workstation with colourful stationery, planters and innovative lamps.(iStockphoto)

A beginner’s guide

You don’t have to completely overhaul the workstation, but there are a few trends and fundamental pointers that can be the beginning point. “Invest in artefacts, colourful accents that add vibrancy. Refurbish your space with a creative wallpaper or artwork,” says Handa. While workstations that face a wall can feel claustrophobic, here’s a decor tip: “Deck it up with artwork to bring it to life. Indulge in ornamental greens to bring that outdoorsy vibe for when you are putting in long hours,” she adds.

Interior designer Varija Bajaj agrees: “I believe in creative work place which tickles your mind to grow and think better. It should inspire you to strive for betterment in everything you do.”

Pots and planters help bring nature in. (iStockphoto)
Pots and planters help bring nature in. (iStockphoto)

Quick ideas

Small amendments can make a huge difference in your thought process and performance. The first step should be to get rid of any clutter. “Declutter and keep only those things which are really important. Use drawers or trays to segregate work in order to prioritise tasks,” says Bajaj. The second task is to add colour. “Neutral tones work the best for workstations with hints of flashy colours along borders or pin boards which can be changed from time to time,” she adds.

You can also get creative with pen and sticky notes and put up drawings, sketches and calligraphed quotes. “In case you are a doodler, use your pen and ink the partition between your desk, or draw away,” says architect Resham Sethi, adding, “For a personalised touch, add a soft rug under your chair. The soft texture will help you unwind and that’s how you can pamper yourself while in the office.”

A breath of green

It is very important to breathe fresh air at all times, and the ventilation in an office is just not enough. “Adding terrariums, succulents or mini indoor plants such as peace lily, weeping fig is a good idea as it will provide you fresh and clean air,” says Sethi. And not just this, planters look pretty and break the colour scheme, too.

Innovative lamps and lights can be added to your workstation, given they don’t disrupt the office setup.
Innovative lamps and lights can be added to your workstation, given they don’t disrupt the office setup.

The might of light

A factor that one might tend to sideline is lighting. While office spaces come equipped with ample lighting, you can spruce up your desk with a small lamp with soft yellow light can soothe the mind. For those in a more creative workspace, a bit of quirk can be added with lava lamps. “Light has a very important role to play in your performance. Usually white lights are best suited for those involved in active operations because it is important for them to be alert and on their toes. A warm white light is suggested for those in creative fields who need to relax their minds for creative thinking,” says Bajaj.

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