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Beat the post-party fat

Author Kalli Purie talks about the importance of getting back to exercising after the New Year excesses; to release her book Confessions Of A Serial Dieter in the city today.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 06, 2012 20:04 IST
Priyanka Jain
Priyanka Jain
Hindustan Times

Thirty-eight-year old mother of two kids, Kalli Purie, recounts her emotional journey of losing 40kg while going from 100 to 60kg, and trying out 43 diets in her first book Confessions Of A Serial Dieter. The media professional, who is going to launch her book in the city today, stresses on the importance of going back to a healthy lifestyle, especially now that everyone is back after indulging in pre-New Year excesses.

Her book will be released by Twinkle Khanna and the event will also see a performance by Soni Razdan and Kalki Koechlin titled ‘The Travelling Fatalogue’. She says, “All of us have a tendency to put on a kilo or two when we go on a holiday, which is okay. But we normally tend to continue to binge even after the vacation and are unable to stop. That is the scary part which increases those extra two kilos to four and so on.” She adds, “For me, it’s important at such a time to do something drastic and cut off from food completely, else I would flip back to the old binging soirées. That’s when I tune in to the Terminator Diet.”

Purie feels it’s important for everyone to find their realistic happy weight. She says, “It’s about finding a weight that’s acceptable and works for you. Most thin people watch their weight and what they eat, but they don’t call it a diet because in their head, it’s a choice they make. They have trained their mind to do that. They don’t order dessert. So for them, it’s not a sacrifice.”

So what was the reason behind having this book? Purie feels that writing this book was like an insurance policy for her and a responsibility to stay fit. “I went through self-inflicted social hibernation because I didn’t fit into good clothes, and I didn’t look good. And though I am a very private person, I began writing about this,” she says, adding, “The writing became a catharsis of sorts and helped me cleanse emotionally.”

Terminator Diet
I forced myself to do one complete day of the diet properly and made my mind and body accept it. I dedicated my Monday just to getting back on track. It was my top priority of the day. I did not let stress, work or any other obligations come in the way. The single focus of the day was to get back on the diet. It was a very hard day. But it worked. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said, ‘I’ll be back.’

Day one
8:00 am Masala tea
10:00 am Papaya with lemon
10:50 am Long vent to girlfriend, hungry and emotional about denying myself food.
11:30am Two cups of coffee
1:45 pm Salted lassi, bowl of yogurt with black sesame, cumin and salt
2.30pm: Keep myself busy by filling in long-pending baby book and clearing photos. Find old scary photos of self. Now really motivated.
4.30 pm: Workout
6.00 pm: Big crying fit about weight being up to 62 kg. Reasoning that it is evening weight doesn’t help
6.30pm : Papaya with lemon, cold coffee without sugar. Want to eat one digestive biscuit. NO
7.45 pm: Bowl of yoghurt with black sesame, cumin and salt. Want to add a spoon of rajma to the dahi. NO
8.00 pm Shopping
11.00 pm: Bed
1.30 am: Wake up. Can’t sleep. Tummy empty. Hunger pangs and nervous energy. Mouth feeling like gum metal. Get out of bed and start writing. Want to keep the experience of getting back on track fresh. Like the energy, don’t like the hunger pangs.

Day two
8:00 am: Masala tea
9:30 am: Workout
10:50 am: Weigh in. Yes! Back to 59kg
11:00 am: Papaya with lemon
11:30 am: Meetings
1:45 pm: Two pots of probiotic yogurt with salt
2:20 pm: More meetings
4:30 pm: Cappuccino
5:00 pm: Papaya with lemon
6:30 pm: Salted lassi
8:00pm: Masala tea
10:30 pm :Mind buzzing. Full of energy. But hunger pangs and dreaming of food. Just have to stick to it. Hunger pangs good. Means diet is effective.

Day three
It is the hardest. But the weight is off and that’s motivation. To keep it off and to make it permanent, I have to stick to the diet one more day. And I do.
In case of emergency, break this glass.

Here is what happened to me in spite of all that I know. An overindulgent holiday continued well after I came back home. Not because of the lack of intent. I wanted to get back on track but was finding it impossible. The constant fighting between craving and good sense carried on for a whole week after the holiday. Craving kept winning the battle. I was losing the plot and the diet but not the weight.

To top it all, I had a dizzy spell a few times and the doctor said I had low blood pressure. Everyone started telling me to eat, they all said I had done very well but should quit now. I resisted for a while and then fell right off the wagon. I indulged at every meal, except perhaps breakfast. Rice at lunch. Rice at dinner… Nothing was off limit. For a while it was liberating and then it felt terrible. I felt lazy, fat and lacking in energy. I was not particularly enthused about my workouts but somehow managed to do them regularly. I was not happy. I was not bubbling with energy. All the bulges seemed to be popping out. I had slipped badly. I had to get back on track, and this is the diet I followed to terminate the dark side.

(Pg 183) Excerpt from Kalli Purie’s Confessions of A Serial Dieter by Harper Collins.

First Published: Jan 06, 2012 12:21 IST