Get a six-pack like Emraan

Considering Murder catapulted Emraan Hashmi to fame, its sequel is extra special to him. The actor says director Mohit Suri wanted him to sport a very athletic look in the film. Murder 2 star worked out for six months with trainer Pravin Tokas to get this chiselled frame.

health and fitness Updated: Jul 12, 2011 16:27 IST
Priyanka Jain
Priyanka Jain
Hindustan Times

Considering Murder catapulted Emraan Hashmi to fame, its sequel is extra special to him. The actor says director Mohit Suri wanted him to sport a very athletic look in the film. “Mohit wanted me to sport a six-pack and look slightly beefed-up,” he says.

To achieve this, his fitness trainer, Pravin Tokas, who has been his trainer since Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (2010), helped him first lower his body fat percentage. Pravin says, “We did a lot of functional and endurance training to get this sporty look. While we wanted Emraan to beef up, we had to be careful to avoid the beefcake heavy look.” He adds, “The function training took his stamina to a different level, and it helped that he was on a healthy diet. The result is there for all to see.”

Interestingly, the actor will soon ditch his six-pack for a paunchy frame for Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai. The actor reveals, “I have already started putting on weight. All the things that Pravin didn’t allow me to eat during the training for Mohit’s film I can now gorge on for a brief span. I am enjoying my ice-creams.”

Tokas reveals the secret behind Emraan’s Buff body

Since we were doing controlled overtraining, one of the major concerns was to manage the cortisol level (stress hormone).I advised lot of Vitamin C rich fruits, and one very potent herb called Rhodiola rosea herb, which grows in the Arctic regions of eastern Siberia.

We started with the gluten allergy blood test and discovered that Emraan is gluten intolerant (allergic), so we removed gluten completely and switched to oat bran and green carbs, mostly dark green. We manipulated carbs servings between 50 grams and 250 grams depending on the training volume. Sixty per cent of carbs were eaten before and after training.

We used egg whites and whole eggs, mutton and chicken and rotated our protein source daily to increase absorption. We didn’t use any protein supplements because I strongly believe that whole food is better than the processed versions. But that’s well it’s a whole new topic.

Emraan consumed fish oil of six gms during the first week and then four gms daily for the last three weeks. Also, he ate five to eight walnuts daily depending on the training volume.

Angular functional fitness Emraan was doing angular functional fitness (AFF) developed by me, which is a successful strength and conditioning program used mainly by athletes. The goal of AFF is to optimise movement among major joints and expose weak links through various functional tests. Think of any activity like jumping running, pulling or pushing. If we look closely, we are functioning though various joint angles. The deeper we squat, the more calories we will burn.

He worked out twice daily, 45 minutes each time for seven days of controlled overtraining with four days recovery. This type of
overtraining method should only be done under the supervision of certified trainer.

High intensity intervals for 15 minutes about four times a week.

Restorative yoga
For recovery every third day.

Everything from training volume to diet and sleep was based on our weekly assessment. We’d go through all the overtraining signs and change our training and diet accordingly.

First Published: Jun 24, 2011 21:35 IST