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Fitness, power yoga and weight training expert Leena More will answer some fitness queries asked by the readers.

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Leena Mogre
Leena Mogre
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Fitness, power yoga and weight training expert Leena More will answer some fitness queries asked by the readers.

I am 21 years old and am 5.10 in height. My weight is 52kg. I am severely underweight. Please guide me and give me some tips, as I am usually out of the house for as many as 15 hours daily.
Sunil Bharatdwaj
Hi Sunil, to put on weight, exercise is a must. You must undertake weight training. It’s absolutely essential. So even if you work for 15 hours a day, try and work out three times a week. Weight training helps you put on some weight the right way, as it helps increase your muscle mass.

Also your diet plays a crucial role. Eating protein and carbs is equally important. If you are always on the go, you can have whey protein shake as not eating on time also results in breakdown of lean muscle tissues. Another thing is rest. So sleep well and eat well and exercise hard. am 25 years old and 5'8'' tall. I workout daily in gym and my weight is 75 kg. I want to reduce my love handfles and gain muscle. Please suggest a diet and supplement that will help me

Vikas more

First of all congrats that you are working out. However, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as spot reduction. To reduce love handles you have to realise that you have to have a low fat diet.

Cardio is very important for fat loss. So do any form of cardio such as swimming cyling jogging that you enjoy. Where diet is concerned, have a six meal pattern which is moderate carbs. moderate protein n low fat. Have three cups of green tea as that helps in fat loss.

Hi, I am 19 yrs old and 5.2ft tall. I weigh 56 kg. My habit are irregular which makes me suffer from gas problems, sleepiness, lack of concentration in studies. I am non-vegetarian Can you provide a proper diet chart that will that will help me get fit, reduce weight and increase my concentration?
Hi, as far as I can see you understand, your problems of irregular eating habits and less of water intake is leading to gas and lack of concentration n dehydration. Even if I send you a diet and give you the best diet it will not help you since you have to change your eating habits firstly.

Remember fitness is about lifestyle change and unless you do that no one can help you. Drinking 10 glasses of water is important. A good lifestyle not only helps you keep fit but also helps your skin glow.

So with regular and balanced diet, you can achieve your goal. Also when you exercise, you develop a positive attitude and better concentration automatically. So make these changes for a fitter and happier lifestyle.

Leena Mogre is the director of Leena Mogre Fitness and is an aerobics, power yoga and weight training expert.

Her panel, comprising Dr Rakesh Nair (orthopaedics and sports medicine), Jaya Hiranandani (nutritionist), Kalpesh Vinerkar (exercise and sports training), Nikhil Mogre (sports specialist) and Rupali Gujar (diet and nutrition) will answer your questions.

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