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Keep it up, Delhi!

There is an old saying that claims that a person is as young as their spine. This exercise will help you keep your spine young and supple while at the same time it will shape up you legs.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 03, 2013 02:13 IST
Hindustan Times

Cat and dog leg extensions
There is an old saying that claims that a person is as young as their spine. This exercise will help you keep your spine young and supple while at the same time it will shape up you legs.

Picture 1a: Get down on all four with your arms and legs parallel. Stomach is pulled in and abdominals engaged. Inhale and round your spine as if you are a cat — a real nice stretch. While in this position, make sure that hips remain parallel to the ground. Pull the knee into the chest while at the same time round your back further, bringing your chin towards your chest as well.

Picture 1b: As you exhale, stretch out your leg as much as possible without overarching your back, and stretch out your head and neck until you feel a soothing stretch in your abdominal muscles. Repeat 10 to 20 times each side.

Note: In case you have a pre-existing lower back issue, make sure to do this exercise extra slowly, paying the attention to a perfect posture and taking breaks in case of any discomfort in the lower back area.
By Vesna Jacob, fitness expert and healer

Yogasana of the day

Today we try and imitate a child’s pose by practicing Bala-asana. You may have noticed that toddlers usually sit in a curled up position. This posture is a great relaxant. However, this asana is not suitable for people with knee injury and pregnant ladies. It is a very simple pose that stretches the back, thigh and hip muscles, and helps increase flexibility and relieve stress.

Kneel and sit on your legs while keeping distance between the two kneecaps. Now, get your head down to rest on the ground.
Stretch your arms forward and slowly get them around the sides of your body. Now stay and relax like this for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat it again if you want to.

The trick here is to get the hip touching the heels while at the same time the head touching the ground. Ideally you have to make the toes meet and sit on the heels, but again, don’t over stretch.

By Juhi Garg, yoga expert

The city is getting fitter and how! Here are a few happy stories shared by our readers who have been religiously following Get Healthy, Delhi campaign and have already got results to show. Get inspired, people!

I am so lucky to get fitness mascots like you who took out their valuable time to read my mail and even gave a motivated reply to it. I totally trust the experts and I have got a proof too. I am happy to write you that I weighed myself last Monday morning before starting up the fitness diet, and was 76.1kg and now I weighted myself on Sunday morning and my weight was 72.8 kg!!! It feels so good and now I am so much motivated to carry on my diet more seriously. Thank you so much! You really helped me a lot.
Ashima, Faridabad

Every morning, my daughter cuts out the diet of the day and sticks it on the refrigerator for me. This diet has already helped me lose around 2kg!
Anju Bhardwaj, Punjabi Bagh

After I began following your diet chart, I haven’t faced acidity, which had been a perennial issue since my gall bladder stone removal surgery. But now I am excited that I have been able to get rid of that problem after following your diet. Earlier, I used to take all sorts of medicines for severe heart burn all day but I am absolutely fine for the last 10 days, and I hope to shed off a few kilos too. Thank you so much!
Rajni Arora, Subhash Nagar

We really appreciate HT City’s effort and are trying to follow the diet. I have lost 1kg in the last 9 days after following the diet!
Neha Goyal

First Published: Sep 02, 2013 17:29 IST