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New Avengers: Endgame theory says Thanos will regret his snap, will work with heroes to bring back the dead

A new theory on Reddit wants to believe that Thanos will switch sides in Avengers: Endgame and work towards turning back time and bring back the dead.

hollywood Updated: Jan 29, 2019 19:54 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
Avengers: Endgame,Thanos,Thanos Theory
Thanos killed half the people of the universe in hope for a better future.

A Marvel fan has thought up a scenario for upcoming movie Avengers: Endgame, in which, the heroes may find help in the most unlikely person. The fan theory says that purple super-villain Thanos may come to their aid to turn back time and fight by their side against himself.

According to the theory shared on Reddit by u/AmericanAir88, after turning half the universe’s population to dust, Thanos will begin to regret his decision. It says Endgame will open five years after the decimation and will show how badly Thanos’ plan shaped up after all. The leftovers will mourn the death of those who died, there will be no happiness and the things go spiralling after control soon enough.

Thanos will realise that he killed his daughter and so many others for nothing. He will want to undo his snap and ask the Avengers to let him join in on their mission to go back in time and keep the snap from happening in the first place. Here is the full theory:

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Disclaimer: This is just Thanos’s story and not the avengers. The avengers story is still part of the movie and I am not including events such as deaths unless they are related to Thanos.

The movie will begin 5 years after the snap and instead of “full bellies and clear skies”, the world is in anguish. Riots, droughts, and a lack of resources cripple the world and the universe faces collapse. The idea of Thanos’s perfectly balanced plan has failed.

A retired Thanos will realize the fate and despair that he was brought after seeing resources fade away and dead children. Thanos will get constant nightmares of killing Gamora and shame for killing his daughter for nothing. Thanos eventually realizes that all the trouble he went for in the snap: Killing Gamora, Killing Asgard’s population, and ruining lives, have been for nothing.

Thanos commits to finding a solution to reverse the snap. He starts to repair the gauntlet and confronts the Avengers. The Avengers initially are on the brink of killing him but then Thanos reveals that he is the only one who can reverse the snap. The Avengers join forces with Thanos while still keeping a close eye.

Thanos and the Avengers find what ever means it takes to travel back in time. Battles ensure and Thanos saves the Avengers life in some heroic way. Their trust of Thanos increases. Eventually, the gauntlet is completed and Thanos travels back in time to stop his former self. Thanos’s former self becomes a villain. (Post Guardians 2 self)


Thanos realizes that if he kills his former self, his life will no longer exist after Guardians 2. Thanos helps the Avengers kill 2017 Thanos and sacrifices himself to ensure the world is saved. As Thanos’s timeline disappears as well as the Avengers timeline post snap, he sees Gamora for a bit and gives a heartfelt goodbye. Infinity War never happens and the universe is whole.

However, others are not so sure about the idea. People realised the theory may be a little flaky as it would not explain why it was the only one of 14 million possibilities of the Avengers winning. “That’s a very straightforward and elegant theory. I don’t think Disney will go that direction, because it renders their huge cast of heroes as basically just guys who happened to be there. Thanos is the only significant role in the entire story which he ends up erasing anyway. The Avengers are irrelevant background noise,” wrote one.

Whether Marvel takes this route or any of the hundred others in Avengers: Endgame, we will know when the film releases on April 24.

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First Published: Jan 29, 2019 19:20 IST