Maharashtra crisis highlights: Governor accepts Uddhav Thackeray's resignation as CM

Jun 30, 2022 07:14 AM IST

Maharashtra political crisis highlights: The rebel camp will return to Mumbai from Guwahati tomorrow for the floor test, dissident Sena leader Eknath Shinde said.

Maharashtra political crisis highlights: In a huge setback for the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) coalition, Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Wednesday morning directed Shiv Sena supremo and Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray to face a floor test at 11am on June 30, adding that the proceedings will have to be completed by 5pm the same day.

Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari accepts Uddhav Thackeray's resignation as the chief minister of the western state, (ANI)
Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari accepts Uddhav Thackeray's resignation as the chief minister of the western state, (ANI)

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However, the MVA – comprising the Sena, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress – approached the Supreme Court against the governor’s directive. The top court will take up the matter at 5pm.

Meanwhile, Sena MLA Eknath Shinde, leading the revolt against CM Thackeray, said he and fellow rebel MLAs will return to Mumbai tomorrow for the floor test. The dissident faction has been camping in Assam’s Guwahati for a week now.

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  • Jun 30, 2022 12:04 AM IST

    Maharashtra guv accepts Uddhav Thackeray's resignation as CM

    Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari accepts Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray's resignation as the chief minister of the state.

  • Jun 29, 2022 11:36 PM IST

    This too shall pass, says Raut, BJP talks of ‘karma’ as Uddhav leaves CM’s chair

    BJP’s Amit Malviya called Thackeray’s ‘lack of control on his party’ a fall from grace. "Balasaheb Thackeray was a man who could control governments, despite not being in power. On the other hand, his son couldn't even control his party, despite being in power. What a fall from grace," the party's IT department in-charge tweeted.

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  • Jun 29, 2022 11:31 PM IST

    'They will say they brought down Balasaheb's son': What Uddhav Thackeray said

    In a short speech streamed on Facebook Live, the Shiv Sena boss made one final emotional appeal to the 50 rebel lawmakers who had thrown in with Eknath Shinde (and one final jab) and thanked allies Sonia Gandhi of the Congress and Sharad Pawar of the NCP for their support.

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  • Jun 29, 2022 10:45 PM IST

    ‘What a fall from grace,’ tweets BJP's Amit Malviya

    "Balasaheb Thackeray was a man who could control governments, despite not being in power. On the other hand, his son couldn't even control his party, despite being in power. What a fall from grace," BJP's IT department in-charge Amit Malviya tweeted.

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:25 PM IST

    CM should have resigned earlier: Independent MLA from Maharashtra

    The Chief Minister should have resigned earlier, the strength that was in his clenched fist has been exposed. Where the CM was running on the ideas of Congress leaving the idea of Hindutva. Eknath Shinde faction has rebelled to perpetuate Balasaheb's views: Ravi Rana, Independent MLA from Maharashtra

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:22 PM IST

    'Democracy is being murdered,' tweets Congress

    “Another government was taken down for treason and power. Thanks Supreme (Court), Democracy is being murdered under your protection,” tweets Congress division in MP.

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:06 PM IST

    BJP leaders raise slogans to praise Devendra Fadnavis

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:59 PM IST

    Sanjay Raut's first reaction after Uddhav Thackeray resigns

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:51 PM IST

    'Don't want to play these games,' says Uddhav Thackeray as he quits as CM

    “In democracy heads are counted to show numbers. I am not interested in that. I don't want to play these games. Tomorrow they will say that they have brought down Shiv Sena supremo Balasaheb Thackeray's son," Uddhav Thackeray” says Uddhav Thackeray as he quits as chief minister of Maharashtra.

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:46 PM IST

    Uddhav Thackeray announces that he is quitting as CM

    “I am also resigning as the member of legislative council,” says Uddhav Thackeray

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:42 PM IST

    Central forces are being deployed in Mumbai: CM Uddhav

    “Central forces are being deployed in Mumbai. It seems that army on China border will be deployed here,” says Uddhav Thackeray.

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:41 PM IST

    You should have come to me rather than going to Surat: CM

    “Who are you angry with me? Congress or NCP? Rather than going to Surat and speaking up you should have come to me at Matoshree. I still respect your feelings,” chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on rebel group

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:39 PM IST

    Want to thank the governor: says CM Uddhav

    “The supreme court has given the verdict on the floor test. I want to thank the governor who upheld the democracy by asking us to hold a floor test in 24 hours after a delegation met them,” says Uddhav Thackeray.

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:37 PM IST

    CM Uddhav Thackeray addresses the state

    “I want to thank Sonia Ji, Sharad Pawar as well as Congress and NCP. While taking decision on renaming Aurangabad, the NCP and Congress did not oppose it. But what I feel bad is that only four Shiv Sena Ministers were present. Others we all know where they are,” says Uddhav Thackeray.

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:24 PM IST

    CM Uddhav Thackeray likely to address state tonight

    Uddhav Thackeray likely to address state tonight after Supreme Court orders floor test tomorrow.

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:21 PM IST

    Nawab Malik and Anil Deshmukh will be allowed to vote in the floor test

    Supreme Court allows jailed NCP leaders Nawab Malik and Anil Deshmukh to participate in the proceedings of the floor test in the Maharashtra Assembly tomorrow.

  • Jun 29, 2022 08:27 PM IST

    SC reserves order, to be delivered at 9 pm today

    Supreme Court reserved order on Maharashtra floor test, to be delivered at 9pm today.

  • Jun 29, 2022 08:17 PM IST

    Can't act on presumption that the Governor is a holy cow: Sena lawyer

    "Can't act on presumption that the Governor is a holy cow while the Speaker can be political. This very Governor didn't allow MLC nomination for one year," lawyer backing CM Uddhav's faction to SC.

  • Jun 29, 2022 08:08 PM IST

    Governor in totality is satisfied that the floor test is mandatory, SC told

    Governor in totality is satisfied that the floor test is mandatory since the source of the power in a democracy is the House: Mehta to SC

  • Jun 29, 2022 07:47 PM IST

    'End of democracy would be when...' - Team Shinde to SC

    "This court in fact has the constitutional duty to ensure a floor test at the earliest. Only a floor test at the earliest can meet the objective of Tenth Schedule. End of democracy would be when 16 MLA as against 35 MLAs are able to defer the floor test," Shinde faction to Supreme Court.

  • Jun 29, 2022 07:39 PM IST

    This court has always sat for conducting the floor test & not for deferring it, SC told by Shinde faction lawyer

    Sr adv Maninder Singh, also appears for the rebel MLAs, tells SC : "This court has always sat for conducting the floor test & not for deferring it."

  • Jun 29, 2022 07:35 PM IST

    "We aren't the dissident group, we are the Shiv Sena," Shinde faction tells SC

    As Kaul concludes, SC asks him how many members are in the dissident faction.

    Kaul tells SC, "39 out of 55 have parted ways. That's why the resistance to the floor test. We aren't the dissident group, we are the Shiv Sena."

  • Jun 29, 2022 07:24 PM IST

    Maha minister says every MLA must think about CM's 'great job' during Covid while voting for floor test

    "MLA votes in the House by listening to his conscience. I feel that every MLA will definitely think about Thackeray Govt's work in 2.5 yrs. CM tackled Corona for 2 yrs & was appreciated by all. He didn't let even people from other states go hungry," Sunil Kedar, Maharashtra minister.

  • Jun 29, 2022 07:00 PM IST

    CM Uddhav leaves from Mantralaya in Mumbai, as cabinet meeting concludes

  • Jun 29, 2022 06:55 PM IST

    Shinde faction lawyer says 'delay in floor test will damage democratic polity'

    "The more delay you cause to the floor test, greater is the damage to the democratic polity," argues lawyer from the Shinde faction.

  • Jun 29, 2022 06:46 PM IST

    'Some of my people betrayed me'

    "CM Thackeray said both the allies NCP and Congress cooperated well with me. Some of my people betrayed me," says NCP minister Jayant Patil.

  • Jun 29, 2022 06:40 PM IST

    They are in a hopeless minority, Shinde team tells SC

    "They are in a hopeless minority in the party itself, let alone the House. They want to somehow cling onto power despite being in hopeless minority. I have seen parties rushing to this court for getting the floor test conducted as soon as possible and here we have a party trying to delay it. Everyone knows why," Shinde camp tells SC.

  • Jun 29, 2022 06:30 PM IST

    Mumbai police on high alert amid reports of Shinde faction arriving in the city

    Amid reports of Eknath Shinde group arriving in Mumbai tomorrow, Mumbai Police on alert. Notices sent to NCP, Shiv Sena, Congress, BJP, SP leaders asking them to not give instigating statements or release objectionable posts. "Stringent action if situation deteriorates," says Mumbai Police as per news agency ANI.

  • Jun 29, 2022 06:28 PM IST

    Disqualification proceedings no ground for delay in floor test, says Shinde faction lawyer

    Sr adv Neeraj Kishan Kaul argues for the Shinde faction. Kaul refers to Nebam Rebia judgment (2016) to emphasise the Speaker can't deal with disqualification unless his own motion of removal is decided. Kaul says a body of SC judgments has laid down that floor test mustn't brook any delay. Disqualification proceedings or resignation of MLAs can't be a ground to delay a floor test, he adds.

  • Jun 29, 2022 06:18 PM IST

    Either allow the Speaker to decide the disqualification proceedings or defer the floor test, SC told

    Sena lawyer concludes, emphasising it won't be proper to pave the way for a floor test while tying the Speaker's hands. Either allow the Speaker to decide the disqualification proceedings or defer the floor test, he says.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:47 PM IST

    On floor test, SC told : 'Heavens won't fall if...'

    "Heavens won't fall if the floor test doesn't take place tomorrow," SC told.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:41 PM IST

    'Floor test only way to settle these issues,' says SC

    SC: Our understanding is that the floor of the House is the only way to settle these issues.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:39 PM IST

    Singhvi refers to a letter given by 34 rebel MLAs to the Governor, SC replies

    Singhvi refers to a letter given by 34 rebel MLAs to the Governor. "This itself amounts to giving up membership as per SC decisions," he argues.

    SC replies, “Are you disputing the number that 34 MLAs have not parted ways? Does your writ petition claim that these 34 MLAs didn't sign that letter?”

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:35 PM IST

    '...Cuts the root of democracy,' SC told on tomorrow's floor test

    "Someone who already stands disqualified as on June 21 cannot be allowed to vote tomorrow,' says Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi to SC. "This court must avoid such a situation. It will not allowing something that cuts at the root of democracy," he added.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:30 PM IST

    Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi complains against 'supersonic' speed of governor's floor test order

    Singhvi also complained against the "supersonic" speed of the Governor in ordering a floor test tomorrow. He adds 2 NCP MLAs are down with Covid while 2 Congress MLAs are abroad.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:28 PM IST

    Will deal with the petition on disqualification separately: SC

    "We will deal with the petition on disqualification separately. You tells us how does a floor test relate or impact the disqualification proceedings or interferes with the powers of the Speaker to conduct disqualification proceedings," SC tells Singhvi.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:26 PM IST

    SC asks Singhvi about minimum time schedule for holding floor test

    'Is there any minimum time schedule for holding floor test? Is there any constitutional bar to hold a fresh floor test one after the other?," asks SC

    Singhvi says a seconds floor test can't take place within 6 months.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:17 PM IST

    Maharashtra crisis in Supreme Court

    Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi complains against 'supersonic' speed of governor's floor test order.

  • Jun 29, 2022 05:04 PM IST

    Rebel MLAs reach Guwahati airport, likely to head to Goa

    A total of four buses took the rebel leader Eknath Shinde and other MLAs in his camp to the to Guwahati airport. From there, the MLAs are expected to board a chartered Spicejet flight most likely to Goa.

  • Jun 29, 2022 04:14 PM IST

    Eye on floor test, Cong, BJP leaders go into huddle, Uddhav to meet cabinet at 5pm | Top points

    A meeting of Congress leaders was underway in Mumbai to discuss their strategy ahead of the scheduled floor test. BJP leaders are also holding talks at the official residence of Devendra Fadnavis, leader of Opposition in the Assembly.

    Here's what you need to know about the political crisis in Maharashtra

  • Jun 29, 2022 03:43 PM IST

    Maha lawmakers delay departure as SC to take up Sena’s plea against floor test

    Rebel Shiv Sena and Independent lawmakers supporting them, who were due to fly to Goa en route to Mumbai, have delayed their departure and returned to their hotel in Guwahati after visiting a temple.

    Read more

  • Jun 29, 2022 03:42 PM IST

    BJP leader calls cabinet meeting 'a political sin'

    "Cabinet meeting of a minority government of the state is utterly wrong. It's akin to a political sin," says BJP leader Sudhir Mungantiwar on MVA govt's cabinet meeting to be held today.

  • Jun 29, 2022 03:01 PM IST

    Aditya Thackeray elected using photos of PM Modi: Prakash Javdekar

    BJP leader Prakash Javdekar has tweets: "Shiv Sena spokesperson tells rebel MLAs that you were elected using Balasaheb's photo. But all the MLAs and MPs -including Aditya Thackeray were elected using photos of Modi along with Balasaheb, and then Modi shook hands with the opposition."

  • Jun 29, 2022 02:56 PM IST

    Anil Deshmukh, Nawab Malik approach SC to seek permission to vote in floor test

    NCP MLAs Anil Deshmukh and Nawab Malik have approached the Supreme Court, seeking permission for voting during floor test directed by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on June 30.

  • Jun 29, 2022 02:46 PM IST

    CM Uddhav Thackeray to chair cabinet meet at 5 pm today, reports ANI

    Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray will chair the cabinet meeting at 5 pm today, news agency ANI reported.

    Ahead of the floor test tomorrow, a meeting of Congress leaders is also currently underway in Mumbai, reported ANI. Party leaders present in the meet include Ashok Chavan, Nana Patole, Balasaheb Thorat, Sunil Kedar, Charan Singh Sapra & Nitin Raut.

  • Jun 29, 2022 02:34 PM IST

    Post a change of plans, rebel MLAs still in Guwahati hotel

    A legislator in the Eknath Shinde camp said they are still at the hotel in Guwahati and not likely to leave before evening. He refused to divulge more information.

  • Jun 29, 2022 02:21 PM IST

    BJP MLAs to reach Mumbai by evening today

    BJP MLAs to stay at Taj President, Cuffe Parade. More than 110 rooms booked from Wednesday afternoon. The MLAs are Likely to reach Mumbai by evening.

  • Jun 29, 2022 02:07 PM IST

    Will easily pass the floor test, says Eknath Shinde

    "We are not worried about the floor test. We have a strength of 50 legislators including independents. We will pass the test because in a democracy numbers are supreme in a majority," says Eknath Shinde, dissident group leader.

  • Jun 29, 2022 01:31 PM IST

    SC to hear at 5pm pleas filed by Deshmukh, Malik

    Supreme Court agrees to hear at 5pm pleas filed by jailed Maharashtra MLAs Anil Deshmukh, Nawab Malik seeking permission to vote for floor test.

  • Jun 29, 2022 01:06 PM IST

    Aircraft to leave from Guwahati to Goa at 4:30pm: Official

    "A Boeing 737 aircraft has been chartered and is scheduled to take off from Guwahati for Goa at 4.30pm," confirms an official on condition of anonymity

  • Jun 29, 2022 01:02 PM IST

    Will win floor test, says rebel leader

    People are with us and we will win the floor test tomorrow and will form the government. There is no need to worry: Gulabrao Patil, rebel MLA.

  • Jun 29, 2022 12:19 PM IST

    ‘With BJP since beginning’

    I'm with BJP since beginning. Devendra Fadnavis took stand for me in the state Assembly...MLAs will get upset if work will not happen in their constituencies: Rajendra Raut, independent legislator

  • Jun 29, 2022 11:50 AM IST

    Rebel Sena MLAs to donate 51 lakh as relief for Assam floods

    Shiv Sena MLAs and allied legislators have decided to contribute 51 lakh to the Assam Chief Minister's Relief Fund to help the flood-hit brothers in Assam.

  • Jun 29, 2022 11:21 AM IST

    BJP leaders arrive at ex-CM Fadnavis's residence

    State BJP leaders arrive at the residence of former CM Devendra Fadnavis in Mumbai.

  • Jun 29, 2022 11:02 AM IST

    Rebel MLAs to leave for Goa at 3pm: Report

    SpiceJet flight is en-route to Guwahati to take all rebel Shiv Sena MLAs from to Goa today. Legislators will leave Guwahati at 3pm today: Report

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:52 AM IST

    Supreme Court to hear matter at 5pm

    Keeping in view the mind of urgency that has been created, we will want to hear the matter today. We will perform our duty, says SC fixing the hearing today at 5pm: Supreme Court

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:45 AM IST

    Sena chief whip moves Supreme Court

    Shiv Sena chief whip Sunil Prabhu approaches Supreme Court challenging governor Koshyari's order on floor test tomorrow.

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:29 AM IST

    Dissident MLAs to leave for Goa: Report

    Eknath Shinde, along with fellow dissidents, will leave for Goa today. They will stay at the Taj Convention where 71 rooms have reportedly been booked: Reports

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:16 AM IST

    BJP MLAs to gather at Mumbai's Taj President: Report

    BJP directs its Maharashtra MLAs to assemble at Taj President hotel in Mumbai today evening: Reports

  • Jun 29, 2022 10:01 AM IST

    Will go to Supreme Court: Sanjay Raut

    This is an unlawful activity. The issue of disqualification of 16 MLAs is pending in the Supreme Court. Now if BJP and Governor House are trying to bring down the government, we will approach the Supreme Court and seek justice. The demand for a special session is not in accordance with the law: Senior Sena leader Sanjay Raut

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:31 AM IST

    Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi questions Maharashtra governor

    How can a floor test be asked for when the disqualification of 16 MLA has deferred by the Supreme Court till 11th July?: Priyanka Chaturvedi, Rajya Sabha MP

  • Jun 29, 2022 09:03 AM IST

    Maharashtra assembly floor test at 11am tomorrow

    Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, in a letter to CM Uddhav Thackeray, to face floor test and prove majority by convening a special session of state legislature at 11am on June 30. Letter says floor test should conclude by 5pm.

  • Jun 29, 2022 08:47 AM IST

    We will return to Mumbai tomorrow: Eknath Shinde

    “I did a darshan of Ma Kamakhya Devi today to seek peace, prosperity of Maharashtra and its people. Tomorrow we will reach Mumbai to take the required legislative process forward,” says Eknath Shinde.

  • Jun 29, 2022 08:37 AM IST

    5 rebel MLAs visit Kamakhya Temple

    Eknath Shinde, along with four fellow dissident legislators, arrives to offer prayers at Guwahati's iconic Kamakhya Temple.


Will Rahul Gandhi speak against Pawar-Adani meet; blackmail politics: Assam CM

Updated on Sep 24, 2023 07:31 PM IST

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said had he (Himanta) met Adani, Rahul Gandhi would have ‘finished him right and left’.

Sharad Pawar and Gautam Adani together inaugurated a factory in Gujarat on Saturday.

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Bahujan Samaj Party MP Danish Ali.(PTI)
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‘Won’t he oppose?', Law Minister asks, ‘if Rahul’s seat is reserved for women'

The Union law minister explained why the women's reservation Bill won't be implemented before 2026. He took a dig at Rahul Gandhi during while explaining.

Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Law and Justice, Parliamentary Affairs and Culture, Arjun Ram Meghwal(PIB)
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On Rahul Gandhi's 'BJP in for surprise', Himanta's counter: ‘Joined psephology?’

Surprise business does not happen in politics, Assam CM Himanta said after Rahul Gandhi's prediction that BJP is in for a surprise for 2024.

Rahul Gandhi said Congress is surely winning Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and probably Telangana too.
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BSP MP seeks action against Dubey: ‘Verbal lynching inside, now trying outside'

BSP MP Danish Ali said he was ‘verbally lynched’ inside the Lok Sabha by Ramesh Bidhuri and now some other BJP MPs (Dubey) are trying to do it outside.

Danish Ali (left) asked where is the video proof of what Nishikant Dubey wrote in his letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker.
Updated on Sep 24, 2023 05:02 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi says BJP in for surprise in 2024, predicts state polls results

Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress would win the upcoming assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan and stands a chance in Telangana too

Rahul Gandih speaks at a conclave in Delhi on Sunday. (PTI)
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Ramesh Bidhuri's first response after row over abuse in Parl; ‘no comments’

A political storm was erupted after the BJP MP hurled communal slurs at BSP MP during a parliamentary discussion.

BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri(PTI)
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Rahul Gandhi chooses between Messi-Ronaldo, Virat-Rohit: Here are his answers

Asked to choose between India and Bharat, Rahul Gandhi's reply was: India that is Bharat.

Rahul Gandhi at a media conclave on September 24.
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Four killed as torrential rain pounds Nagpur(Hindustan Times)
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Mann Ki Baat: Why did PM Modi mention Germany's Cassandra Mae Spittmann?

The 21-year-old German woman has mastered music in Indian languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Sanskrit and Kannada.

Cassandra Mae Spittmann(source: AIR)
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‘PM Modi compared ex-RBI guv Urjit Patel to a snake’, claims ex-finance secy

Ex-finance secretary Subhash Chandra Garg in his book claimed that the tensions between Centre and RBI under Urjit Patel had weighed on PM Modi.

Former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel.(Reuters File Photo)
Published on Sep 24, 2023 02:10 PM IST

What is 'Five Eyes'- the alliance which provided intelligence on Nijjar killing

Canada's Justin Trudeau on Monday alleged having credible intelligence linking Indian agents to the murder of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

High Commission of Canada in New Delhi, India (Representative Photo)(HT_PRINT)
Published on Sep 24, 2023 01:52 PM IST
By | Edited by Aniruddha Dhar

India-Middle East-Europe Corridor to become cornerstone of global trade: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said that when India was very prosperous, silk routes were widely discussed in the country and the world, and history will remember that India initiated the new India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (File Photo)
Published on Sep 24, 2023 01:08 PM IST
BySaptarshi Das

PM Modi flags off 9 new Vande Bharat trains, says focus on ‘ease of travel’

PM Modi flagged off nine Vande Bharat Express trains, connecting religious and tourist destinations with semi-high-speed trains in 11 states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Published on Sep 24, 2023 12:54 PM IST

Rain fury in Nagpur: Fadnavis says ‘could have minimised the damage if…’

Maharashtra deputy CM visits flood-affected Nagpur, announces compensation for affected families.

An area is severely waterlogged following incessant rains, in Nagpur on Saturday. (ANI Photo)
Published on Sep 24, 2023 12:48 PM IST
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