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Highlights | Terrorism is the biggest challenge of our times: PM Modi at People’s Majlis

PM Modi in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi’s Day-2 in Wayanad highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Maldives for his first official overseas trip after being elected to PM office for a second term.

By HT Correspondent | Jun 08, 2019 22:45 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Male on the first leg of his two nation tour to Maldives and Sri Lanka on Saturday afternoon. PM Modi started his first overseas visit after his party swept the 2019 Lok Sabha polls on 23 May this year. He visited Kerala earlier in the day and offered prayers at the temple town of Guruvayur.

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8:15 pm IST

India, Maldives ink 6 pacts as PM Modi, Prez Solih hold talks

PM Modi and Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih signed six agreements to strengthen bilateral cooperation between India and Maldives in key areas of defence and maritime security.


8:05 pm IST

India’s development partnership is to empower people: PM Modi

Talking at People’s Majlis, PM Modi said that India has always shared its achievements with the world. “India’s development partnership is to empower people, not to weaken them and nor to increase their dependence on us or to put an impossible burden of debt on the shoulders of future generations,” PM Modi said.

7:59 pm IST

PM Modi announces contribution to Maldives’ Friday Mosque

Addressing the parliament in Maldives, PM Modi said, “I felt great to have announced today that India will contribute in conservation of Maldives’ Friday Mosque. There’s no such mosque elsewhere in the world like this historical mosque made up of coral.”

7:53 pm IST

Water now rising above the head: PM Modi on terrorism

PM Modi said that it is a great misfortune that people are still making a mistake to distinguish good terrorist and bad terrorists. “The water is now rising above the head. Dealing with terrorism and radicalisation is the most accurate test of leadership in the world,” PM Modi said addressing People’s Majlis in Maldives. He added that terrorism is a danger not just for a country or region but an entire civilization. “State sponsored terrorism is the biggest threat today. It is time for a global conference on terrorism,” PM Modi said.

7:51 pm IST

PM Modi rakes terrorism as the biggest challenge

“Terrorism is a big challenge in our time. These terrorists do not have their banks nor they have a factory of arms yet they are never lacking in money and weapons. Where do they find all this? Who gives them these facilities State sponsorship of terrorism remains the biggest threat,” PM Modi said.

7:45 pm IST

India-Maldives ties older than history: PM Modi

Talking at the Maldives parliament, PM Modi said, “Neighborhood first is our priority. Relations between India and Maldives are older than history. From time immemorial, blue waters have washed our shores. They have also nourished our cultures and civilisations.”

7:39 pm IST

PM Modi thanks Maldives at Majlis for highest honour

Announcing that India gives utmost importance to its relation with Maldives, PM Modi thanked the people present in Majlis and said, “Your gesture of inviting me has touched the heart of every Indian and has enhanced their respect and dignity. Here, different ideologies and members of the parties change the collective resolution for the sake of democracy, development and peace in the country.” “In the same way, just like a few months ago, the people of Maldives united to form a paradigm of democracy in front of the world,” PM Modi said.

7:18 pm IST

PM Modi addresses the parliament of Maldives

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the Maldives Parliament. He is on a two-day overseas visit to Maldives and Sri Lanka.

6:55 pm IST

May India-Maldives friendship last forever: PM Modi

Upon receiving the highest honour, PM Modi said that India gives utmost importance to its relationship with Maldives. “We want to have a strong partnership with each other. India is willing to help Maldives in every way possible. May the friendship between India and Maldives last forever,” PM Modi said.

6:25 pm IST

PM Modi conferred with Maldvies’ highest honour

PM Narendra Modi has been conferred with Maldives’ highest honour accorded to foreign dignitaries, ‘The Most Honourable Order of the Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddeen’. Accepting the honour, PM Modi said, “Today, I have been conferred with Maldives’ highest honour. I humbly accept this it. It is not just an honour conferred upon me but it is respect given to the friendship and relations between our two countries.”

6:00 pm IST

PM Modi, President Solih hold delegation talks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih are holding delegation level talks in Male. PM Modi is on his first overseas visit after sweeping the 2019 Lok Sabha polls on 23 May this year.

5:45 pm IST

PM Modi gifts a cricket bat to President Solih

After a brief meeting with President Solih, PM Modi presented the Maldives president with a cricket bat signed by players of the Indian cricket team playing at the World cup 2019.


5:08 pm IST

PM Modi, Maldives President Solih hold a meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih hold a meeting in Male.

4:37 pm IST

PM Modi receives ceremonial welcome in Maldives

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Republic Square in Male and was received by President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih where he received ceremonial welcome and guard of honour at Republic Square. A 21-gun salute was accorded to PM Modi at the ceremonial reception.

4:11 pm IST

Maldives lauds PM Modi’s ‘momentous visit’

Foreign minister of Maldives Abdulla Shahid welcomed PM Modi on first state visit overseas and tweeted that it it will be a momentous visit that would elevate India and Maldives relationship to new heights.


3:48 pm IST

PM Narendra Modi reaches Maldives

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Maldives on Saturday afternoon and was received by foreign minister of Maldives Abdulla Shahid.

2:20 pm IST

PM Narendra Modi leaves for Maldives

Prime minister Narendra Modi has left for his state visit to Maldives. This would be his maiden overseas visit after his re-election as prime minister.

01:00 pm IST

PM to get Maldives’ highest honour accorded to foreign dignitaries

The President has announced his decision to confer on PM Narendra Modi,Maldives’ highest honour accorded to foreign dignitaries, ‘The Most Honourable Order of the Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddeen’, during PM Modi’s visit today. :ANI

12:50 pm IST

‘BJP’s vote share has gone up considerably in 2019’: BJP state president

“Though BJP could not win a seat in Kerala, its vote share has gone up considerably in the 2019 elections,” BJP state president P S Sreedharan Pillai said.

12:45 pm IST

‘I take the pledge to build a new India’: PM Modi in Guruvayur

“From the land of Guruvayur, I take the pledge to build a new India. We can surge ahead with positivity. We can rise up to expectations of our people,” said PM Modi while concluding his speech.

12:37 pm IST

‘Do not panic, centre monitoring situation’: PM Modi on Nipah virus scare

“I assure you that government of India is standing with you and with the Kerala government. We are working towards providing you all facilities for protection against Nipah virus,” said PM Modi on Nipah virus scare. :ANI

12:26 pm IST

‘Tourism is Kerala’s engine of growth’: PM Modi

“Tourism is an engine of growth in Kerala. Last five years we gave emphasis on tourism. We rank the third in tourism in India,” said PM Modi.

12:20 pm IST

‘BJP workers on ground to serve people 365 days a year’: PM Modi

“BJP workers are on the ground not only for electoral politics but they serve people 365 days a year. We have not come in politics only to form a govt but we are here to build the nation, we have come for the ‘tapasya’ to see that India gets its rightful place in the world,” said PM Modi in Guruvayur. :ANI

12:15 pm IST

‘We consider even those who did not vote for us ours’: PM Modi

“We believe that elections have a place of their own but after elections the more important responsibility is towards the 130 crore citizens. Those who made us win our ours, those who did not make us win are also ours. Kerala is as much mine as is Varanasi,” said PM Modi. :ANI

12:07 pm IST

‘For me Varanasi and Kerala are equal’: PM Modi in Guruvayur

“BJP drew blank in Kerala, you may ask why Modi selected Kerala for his first political speech. Kerala is as important as Varanasi,” said PM Modi. :ANI

12:00 pm IST

PM Modi addresses public meet at Guruvayur

“Be it Udupi, Guruvayur or Dwarkadhish, for us - the people of Gujarat, there is an emotional connect. Coming from Gujarat, the land of Dwarkadhish, to Guruvayur gives one a special feeling,” said PM Modi. :ANI

11:51 am IST

PM Modi arrives at the meeting venue

PM Modi arrives at the venue of meeting, his first after elevation for the second time.

11:46 am IST

‘PM Modi represents anger, hatred, insecurity, lies’: Rahul Gandhi

“He represents the worst sentiments of this country. He represents anger, he represents hatred, he represents insecurity and he represents lies,” says Rahul Gandhi. :ANI

11:35 am IST

‘PM Modi uses poison of hatred to divide’: Rahul Gandhi

“At the national level, we’re fighting poison. Mr Narendra Modi uses poison, I’m using a strong word but Mr Narendra Modi uses poison of hatred to divide this country. He uses anger and hatred to divide the people of this country. He uses lies to win elections,” said Rahul Gandhi. :ANI

11:20 am IST

‘Our doors open for all, regardless of where they come from’: Rahul Gandhi

“I belong to the Congress party and our doors will be open for every single citizen of Wayanad, regardless of their age, regardless of where they come from, regardless of what ideology they come from,” said Rahul Gandhi during his roadshow in Wayanad. :ANI

11:10 am IST

Rahul Gandhi holds roadshow in Wayanad’s Kalpetta

On Day-2 of his maiden visit to his constituency as an MP, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has begun his roadshow.

10:58 am IST

A blend of tradition and technology in PM Modi’s temple visit

PM Modi had yesterday used digital payments method to pay Rs 39,421 for his pooja at the Guruvayur temple.

10:50 am IST

‘Abinandan Sabha’ to be held after PM’s temple visit

The meeting PM Modi is going to hold after the temple visit is called ‘Abinandan Sabha’. It is the first one called by the prime minister after the thanksgiving trip to his constituency Varanasi.

10:40 am IST

Temple officials submit memorandum for temple development

PM Modi is meeting temple officials, who have submitted a memorandum for development of the temple.

10:32 am IST

‘Thulabharam’ ritual being performed

The ritual of ‘thulabharam’ is being performed. PM Modi is going to be weighed with lotus flowers.

10:26 am IST

PM Modi enters Guruvayur temple

Prime minister Narendra Modi has entered the Guruvayur temple.


10:21 am IST

Priests welcome PM Modi with ‘poorna kumbham’

PM Narendra Modi is being welcomed with poorna kumbha by priests.

10:15 am IST

PM to offer ‘pal payam’, ‘kadali pazham’

PM will offer the deity kadali pazham, a type of banana, considered the deity’s favourite, and pal payam, kheer made of milk and rice.

10:07 am IST

PM Modi to be greeted with ‘poorna kumbham’ at temple entrance

PM Modi will be greeted with ‘poorna kumbham’ at the entrance of the temple.

10:00 am IST

PM Modi arrives at Guruvayur in traditional attire

PM arrives at the temple in mundu, the traditional dress of Kerala.

09:53 am IST

PM Modi’s chopper lands in Guruvayur

PM Narendra Modi’s chopper has landed at Guruvayur. He will now go to the temple guest house, Sreevalsam to change into mundu and veshti, traditional dress of Kerala.

09:50 am IST

Rahul Gandhi arrives for meeting with Congress delegates

Congress president Rahul Gandhi arrives at MPs Facilitation Centre at Wayanad Collectorate Office for a meeting with delegations. He began his three-day visit to the state, yesterday.:ANI

09:48 am IST

PM Modi to make offerings worth Rs 40,000 at Guruvayur temple

Prime minister Narendra Modi will make various offerings worth around Rs 40,000, reports news agency IANS.

09:41 am IST

Huge crowd gathers in front of Guruvayur temple

A huge crowd has gathered in front of the Guruvayur temple to get a glimpse of the prime minister.

09:37 am IST

Pilgrims not allowed to enter temple between 10 am and 11 am

Between 10 am to 11 am, pilgrims will not be allowed to enter the temple keeping in view the PM’s security. The PM, however, had requested the temple board to minimize inconvenience to pilgrims, according to the temple board.

09:35 am IST

Guruvayur visit PM’s first public appearance after Varanasi

This is the first public appearance of the PM after his thanksgiving trip to his constituency in Varanasi.

09:32 am IST

PM Modi to address party workers’ meet after temple visit

After the temple visit, he will address a meeting of party workers from the districts of Thrissur and Malappuram at Sree Krishna School grounds.

09:25 am IST

PM Modi expected to reach the temple around 10 am

PM Narendra Modi is expected to reach the Guruvayur temple around 10 am and spend an hour there.

09:20 am IST

Visit to Guruvayur a first for Narendra Modi after becoming PM

This is PM Modi’s first visit to Guruvayur after becoming the PM. In 2008 while he was Gujrat Cm he visited the temple.

09:17 am IST

PM Modi to perform ‘thulabharam’, to be weighed against lotus

In Guruvayur PM Modi will perform ‘thulabharam’, a ritual in which the devotee is weighed against a commodity. The PM will be weighed alongside lotus.

09:15 am IST

PM Modi starts from Kochi to Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple

PM Modi has started from Kochi to Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple.He reached Kochi last night and stayed in state guest house.

09:10 am IST

PM Modi to address meet in Guruvayur

During his trip to the temple town to Guruvayur, prime minister Narendra Modi will address a party workers’ meet.

09:00 am IST

PM Modi to offer prayers at Guruvayur temple

Prime minister Narendra Modi will offer prayers at Lord Sreekrishna temple in Guruvayur today.

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