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YSRCP fan will be switched off on May 13, double engine govt will win: Pawan Kalyan

May 10, 2024 05:37 PM IST

Despite previous disagreements with the BJP, Pawan Kalyan explains the rationale behind forming an alliance with the TDP and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He is one of the top stars in the Telugu film industry but he is also a passionate politician who is on an ambitious mission in 2024. JanaSena party founder and president, Pawan Kalyan, has formed a compelling alliance with Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party for the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections 2024. He is clear that alliance partners don’t need to agree on all issues but the common goal now for TDP, BJP and JanaSena is to unseat Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP (YCP) from power. In this exclusive chat with HindustanTimes, JanaSena president Pawan Kalyan talks about the upcoming elections.

Janasena Party President and actor Pawan Kalyan addresses the supporters during a roadshow for the Lok Sabha polls, in Vishakapatnam. (ANI Photo)
Janasena Party President and actor Pawan Kalyan addresses the supporters during a roadshow for the Lok Sabha polls, in Vishakapatnam. (ANI Photo)

What are the major issues you are focusing on this election?

PK: We want to primarily restore democracy in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan has been having a one-man rule, destroying institutions, engaging in vendetta politics and so on. We want to ensure the personal liberties and fundamental rights of citizens. For instance, who is taking responsibility for the 30000 missing women in the state. We want to focus on reviving the brand of Andhra Pradesh and ensure balanced development and welfare. We want to create wealth, build capital and expedite the Polavaram project. We want to ensure strong law and order in the state.

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Where do you think the YSRCP government has failed?

PK: The YCP government’s three top failures have been this - firstly, turning the youth of Andhra Pradesh into a demographic disaster. There is high unemployment and the state has turned into a drug capital. There is an increase in crime rate also. The government has confined the creativity and ambition of the AP youth to a mere volunteer job of a 5000 giveaway, which is lower than daily wage of NREGA.

Secondly, the government has cheated women by monopolising alcohol instead of putting a ban on alcohol. Jagan Reddy has created a wealth of 41000 crores at the cost of the health and lives of millions of people.

Thirdly, Jagan has created chaos and an environment of fear and uncertainty in the state. Jagan’s Land Tilting Act; the three capital confusion; investors leaving AP; Polavaram project not taking off; threatening government employees, (including IAS/IPS), and issuing letters against the CJI, are some of his major failures.

You have spoken against the BJP earlier but then decided to form an alliance with TDP and BJP. What is the rationale behind this decision?

PK: For JanaSena, the welfare of the State comes first. Post the state’s bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh has already lost a lot and is starting from scratch. The YCP rule has almost killed any leftover hopes of the people of Andhra Pradesh. No section of people in the state was spared, be it farmers, fishermen, teachers, women, youth, government employees, the business community, etc. Andhra Pradesh cannot afford another five years of YCP’s destructive rule. Hence, JanaSena initiated the alliance with the TDP and BJP.

Similar to that of the JP Movement in the 70s, Andhra Pradesh needs the coming together of everyone to save the state from the draconian rule of YCP.

JanaSena has always been very vocal and clear about its stand on all key issues and also its coalition partners.

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Jagan has alleged that the BJP-TDP-JanaSena alliance will remove all the welfare measures he has put in place and the people will suffer if the alliance comes to power. What is your response?

PK: Jagan is not the first CM to create welfare measures - welfare is part of Indian governance at every level. The state directive principles clearly state the role of the state in providing welfare measures to the people in the state.

Unlike Jagan who is creating welfare by taking huge loans and borrowings, the BJP-TDP-JanaSena alliance will focus on both welfare and development. I support the double-engine government.

We will create more development and more wealth and more welfare. No section of the society will be left out. We are promising free bus travel for women, three free gas cylinders each year, monthly financial assistance of 1,500 to women aged 18-59 years, the creation of 20 lakh jobs in five years, pensionary benefits and much more.

Do you think if the alliance comes to power, the Special Status request for Andhra Pradesh will be granted by the centre ?

PK: The alliance focuses on both development and welfare of Andhra Pradesh. Modi ji’s focus is on Viksit Bharat 2047 and we will ensure AP is also part of that growth story and the state becomes a key contributor to Vision 2047.

Being a part of NDA, our state leadership will have more opportunities to bring in all kinds of incentives, welfare measures, development activities to AP from the Centre. From building our seaports to leveraging the blue economy through the Sagar Mala project, we will tap into the Centre’s funds for SMART Cities Mission and take advantage of schemes such as AMRUT and PRASAD for creating sustainable towns, satellite towns, etc.

We will ensure through schemes like PLI, Make In India and Digital India we will make Andhra Pradesh competitive in the country both in the services and manufacturing sectors. In the process, we envision to create 20 lakh jobs, including startups, in the next 5 years.

We have not made any mention of Special Status in our manifesto, but our efforts and vision are bigger and beyond just getting Special Status. We are here to make our state into Atmanirbhar Andhra Pradesh and be a part of the 2047 vision.

As a politician, what would you like to do for the people of Andhra Pradesh if you come to power?

PK: Firstly, I want to create strong law and order. Secondly, we need to invest in the youth of the state. We need a skill census carried out in the state to better understand the aspirations of the youth.

We want to ensure we give everyone a good quality of life – Vidhya Vydhyam Upadhya Insurance Balamyna Chatam. I want to create an environment where people’s personal liberties and fundamental rights are not violated and every citizen has an opportunity to grow, develop and prosper.

The BJP is seen as anti-minority by many. Will this not affect the alliance and votes in AP?

PK: The Muslim community has never faced any issues because of BJP, TDP and JanaSena. The Muslims are a strong community whose contribution is valuable to both the state and the nation. Muslims like any other people from other religions will be treated with the same respect, dignity and this country is theirs as much as anyone else’s. No second thoughts on this.

Some pseudo-intellectuals are pushing Western thought and an environment of anxiety is being created by the INDIA bloc, especially in the election season.

The Congress has always been appeasing minorities and keeping them poor and using them as just a vote bank. Congress said that the Ayodhya Ram Mandir will lead India into communal riots, but Modiji has ensured no such thing happened and both communities (Hindus and Muslims) were happy. Today, both Muslims and Hindus are getting benefitted from the economy.

Muslims in India do not need any certificate from any political party about their status in society. Muslims should not fall for the appeasement politics of Congress and Allies - Muslims must become part of the growth story of India and they must be part of developmental activities.

Unlike Jagan Reddy, who stopped the Shadi Dulhan scheme, removed scholarships, and didn’t support Muslim youth in becoming entrepreneurs, the JanaSena, TDP and BJP will ensure Muslims in AP have a great future both in terms of their welfare and development.

Lastly, what is your poll prediction?

PK: My prediction is this - the Kutami (alliance) is winning in AP and NDA at Centre. We are forming the government. There is not a silent anti-YCP wave- it’s loud, clear and people are going to come out on 13th May in huge numbers and switch off the YCP fan in Andhra Pradesh.

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