India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI, highlights: IND beat NZ by 6 runs, win series 2-1

Riding on Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s centuries and Jasprit Bumrah’s brilliant spell, India beat New Zealand by six runs to win the three-match series 2-1. Get highlights of India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI here
India beat New Zealand by six runs in Kanpur to win the three-ODI series 2-1. Get highlights of India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI here(BCCI)
India beat New Zealand by six runs in Kanpur to win the three-ODI series 2-1. Get highlights of India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI here(BCCI)
Updated on Oct 29, 2017 10:22 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sidharth Gulati

Virat Kohli-led India beat New Zealand by six runs in Kanpur to win the three-match series 2-1. Chasing 338, the visitors were well on course till the 46th over but Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s brilliance helped hosts register their seventh successive ODI series win since January 2016. Catch highlights of India vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI from Kanpur here (SCORECARD) (STREAMING INFO) (PAK vs SL HIGHLIGHTS) (SA vs BAN HIGHLIGHTS)

22:05 hrs IST: And that’s it. Thank you for joining us. Until next time, it’s goodbye. Cheers!

Virat Kohli (Man of the Series): “Credit to New Zealand. They challenged us in all three games, and forced us to play our best in every game. Credit to the skill and character they possess. Congratulations to them for playing that way. I decided that I let the bowler do what he wants do do, and that’s why I was calm. There was dew too, just glad the boys pulled through.”

Rohit Sharma (Man of the Match): “Feels good when the team wins, and you contribute. Happy how we played through this series. NZ were very competitive, and it wasn’t easy to come and win. We had to be at our best to win. I was watching the pre-match analysis where they said my head was falling off, so I worked slightly on it. That helped. My head was falling a bit, and wasn’t coming into the line of the ball. The quickly you rectify, the better it is. I enjoyed playing today in Kanpur, have good memories personally.”

Kane Williamson: Fantastic series, some great cricket played and in good series. Credit to Kohli and team, they were the better team, although by just a little bit. Lots of promising signs from our end. Losing from this close is frustrating, but good signs. The surface was good throughout, and the team that played better on that day won the games in this series. But against these guys, you have to be at your best to cross the line.

Tom Latham: “The change of role was great. It’s been a great series, played in great spirits. Coming over here is tough but for us it was to stay in the game as deep as possible. But again, they have quality seamers and it wasn’t meant to be today. The score India posted was really good, and the fact that we got really close was good. The openers played well, and we probably left a little too much for the end. Great to be part of this series.”

Jasprit Bumrah: “I tried to stay calm. If you try to complicate, then lot of things happened. Stayed calm, and job was to execute. I should have probably gone to the stumps and broken it (on the Latham wicket), but decided to throw it down anyway. I don’t think about these things (people’s pressure ahead of the final over). I was just focusing on ball-by-ball and kept expectations of people away.”

21:32 hrs IST: And that’s it. India clinch thriller by six runs, win series 2-1.

21:29 hrs IST: OUT! And Bumrah strikes, removes Santner. New Zealand need 12 off 2.

21:26 hrs IST: Another yorker but this time, de Grandhomme drives it to long off for a single. New Zealand need 14 off 4.

21:25 hrs IST: Perfect yorker from Bumrah and it’s a dot. New Zealand need 15 off 5.

21:23 hrs IST: 10 runs off the over. New Zealand need 15 off 6. Bumrah to bowl the final six balls.

21:20 hrs IST: SIX! Full-toss from Bhuvi and Santner just manages it to clear the long on boundary. What a match!

21:18 hrs IST: Bhuvi to bowl the penultimate over

21:16 hrs IST: Brilliant over from Bumrah. Wicket of Tom Latham and just five runs off it. New Zealand need 25 off 12.

21:10 hrs IST: Bumrah now

21:07 hrs IST: OUT! Bhuvneshwar strikes. But is it too late? Gets rid of Nicholls. Colin de Grandhomme is the next man in.

21:01 hrs IST: Expensive over from Bumrah, 15 runs off it. New Zealand are 35 off 24.

20:58 hrs IST: Good over from Chahal, just five runs off it. New Zealand need 50 off 30.

20:52 hrs IST: Chahal to bowl his final over. Can he strike?

20:49 hrs IST: FOUR! Slower delivery from Pandya and Latham times it well through mid wicket. Moves to 57.

20:45 hrs IST: FOUR! And that’s fifty for Tom Latham. Needs to stay till the end. New Zealand need 66 off 42.

20:40 hrs IST: Two boundaries in the over for Nicholls. Wrong decision from Kohli to bring in Jadhav. Chahal could’ve been a better option. New Zealand need 78 off 48.

20:35 hrs IST: OUT! Ross Taylor c Kedar Jadhav b Bumrah 39(47). Henry Nicholls is in at No. 6

20:31 hrs IST: Single off the last ball for Taylor. New Zealand need 91 off 60.

20:28 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball from Bhuvi, outside off, Latham just helps it past the backward point region.Classy stuff!

20:24 hrs IST: Great over from Bumrah, just two off it. New Zealand need 99 off 66.

20:20 hrs IST: FOUR! Fuller delivery from Bhuvi, on Latham’s pads and he times it well past in the gap between mid wicket and mid on. Moves to 38 off just 29. New Zealand need 101 off 72.

20:15 hrs IST: New Zealand are 226/3, need 112 off 78. Taylor 32*, Latham 31*

20:09 hrs IST: Decent over from Bhuvi, seven runs off it. New Zealand 221/3, need 117 off 84. Time for drinks.

20:05 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack.

19:59 hrs IST: FOUR! Dew is making it difficult for the Indian bowlers. Seems all too easy for the Kiwis currently.

19:57 hrs IST: FOUR! Short and wide from Pandya and Latham slashes it past the point region. If NZ win, he’ll surely be the Man of the Series.

19:54 hrs IST: Good over for the Kiwis, nine runs off it. They are 194/3 after 33 overs, Latham 17*, Taylor 15*

19:48 hrs IST: FOUR! Splendid from Latham. Gentle half-volley from Pandya and the New Zealander times it straight down the ground.

19:44 hrs IST: Latham’s wicket is the key here. Advantage India if they can get him in the next 3-4 overs.

19:39 hrs IST: For the first time in New Zealand’s innings, the required rate has gone past eight an over.

19:36 hrs IST: OUT! And just what India need at this stage. Chahal strikes again, removes Williamson. Tom Latham is in at No. 5

19:32 hrs IST: Nasty collision between Williamson and Pandya. The Indian all-rounder has hurt his finger and is out of the field.

19:26 hrs IST: Meanwhile, David Miller has scored the fastest T20I ton off 35 balls in South Africa’s third T20I against Bangladesh. Follow live score here

19:21 hrs IST: WICKET! And the leggie strikes, gets rid of the danger-man Munro. Much needed breakthrough for the hosts. Ross Taylor is the next man in.

19:18 hrs IST: SIX! Tossed up from Jadhav and Munro sweeps it over mid-wicket for a maximum. New Zealand well on course now. They are 152/1 after 24 overs. Munro 75*, Williamson 57*

19:12 hrs IST: FOUR! And that’s fifty for Kane Williamson, No. 32 it is. Pure class from the NZ skipper! Can he lead his side to a historic series win?

19:09 hrs IST: FOUR! Flighted delivery from Chahal and Williamson slog sweeps it over mid-wicket for a boundary. New Zealand are 131/1 after 21 overs.

19:06 hrs IST: 27 balls since the last boundary. New Zealand are 126/1 after 20 overs. Munro 65*, Williamson 44*. This is the second highest score for Williamson in 13 innings in India.

19:01 hrs IST: Good over from Jadhav, only two runs come off it. New Zealand are 115/1 after 18 overs.

18:55 hrs IST: After 17 overs, New Zealand are 113/1.

18:51 hrs IST: Turning out to be a good period for the Kiwis. 18 runs off the last three overs.

18:45 hrs IST: Single and that’s fifty for Colin Munro, 4th in ODIs. Needs to hang in till the end. New Zealand are 98/1 after 14 overs. Munro 50*, Williamson 31*. Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack.

18:42 hrs IST: FOUR! Fullish delivery from Axar, Munro steps out and hits it straight down the ground. New Zealand are 92/1 after 13 overs.

18:38 hrs IST: Kohli is off the field. Injury? Another great over for India, Jadhav gives away only two runs. New Zealand are 82/1 after 12 overs.

18:35 hrs IST: Good over from Axar, six runs off it. New Zealand are 80/1 after 11 overs. Spin from both ends now. Kedar Jadhav to bowl his offies.

18:30 hrs IST: Axar Patel comes into the attack

18:26 hrs IST: SIX! Length ball from Bhuvi, on Munro’s pads and he flicks it over mid-wicket for a maximum. New Zealand are 70/1 after 9 overs. Munro 37*, Williamson 18*

18:22 hrs IST: Another good over for New Zealand, 11 runs off it. By no means, 337 looks safe here. One or two big partnerships and the Kiwis could be successful in doing what South Africa did in 2015.

18:17 hrs IST: Good comeback from Bhuvi despite the boundary off the first ball. New Zealand are 51/1 after 7 overs. Hardik Pandya comes into the attack.

18:13 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Sri Lanka have opted to field against Pakistan in the Lahore T20I. This is SL’s first international game in Pakistan since they were targeted in a deadly ambush in 2009 -- with attack survivors among those returning to the scene.

18:10 hrs IST: OUT! Bumrah gets Guptill. With this, he becomes the second fastest Indian to 50 ODI wickets. Poor cricket from Guptill, there was no need of that shot given how Munro has played so far.

18:06 hrs IST: This is magnificent from New Zealand. Bhuvi clearly under pressure after that costly first over. New Zealand are 44/0 after 5 overs. Munro 29*, Guptill 10*

18:00 hrs IST: Excellent over from Bumrah, only one run off it. New Zealand are 33/0 after 4 overs.

17:55 hrs IST: FOUR! Stand and deliver from Guptill. Too short from Bhuvi and he punches it through the cover point region. New Zealand are 32/0 after 3 overs. Munro 23*, Guptill 7*

17:51 hrs IST: FOUR! Length delivery from Bumrah, Munro comes down the track and lofts it over mid off. Just the start the Kiwis would’ve wanted.

17:50 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack

17:48 hrs IST: Stupendous start from New Zealand. 19 runs off the first over. At first, Munro flicked a length delivery over mid-wicket for a maximum and then smacked consecutive boundaries. Four overthrows from Kohli added insult to injury for the hosts.

17:44 hrs IST: Welcome back!

17:04 hrs IST: And that’s it. India finish on 337/6. Will take some effort from NZ to chase it down. We’ll be back in a few minutes time.

16:57 hrs IST: SIX! Short delivery from Southee and Jadhav smashes it over backward square leg for a maximum. India are 331/4 after 49 overs.

16:53 hrs IST: Tim Southee to bowl the penultimate over

16:51 hrs IST: A day t forget for Trent Boult, gives away 81 runs off his 10 overs. India are 319/4 after 48 overs. Dhoni 24*, Jadhav 6*

16:46 hrs IST: OUT! And that’s the end of a great innings from Kohli, falls to Southee for 113. Sublime! Kedar Jadhav comes to the crease.

16:44 hrs IST: FOUR! Slower delivery from Southee and Kohli hammers it in the gap between deep mid-wicket and long on.

16:42 hrs IST: As soon as Kohli took a single off Mitchell Santner in the 44th over, an enthusiastic fan while sporting a T-shirt of Kohli’s name jumped into the ground and ran towards him, obviously to congratulate his dream cricketer. But he stopped near the square leg umpire and kept waiting for someone to come and take him out of the ground.

16:37 hrs IST: Expensive over from Milne, 10 runs off it. India are 285/3 after 45 overs. Can they get past 350?

16:34 hrs IST: FOUR! Too short from Milne and Dhoni pulls it away to deep backward square leg boundary.

16:29 hrs IST: WICKET! H Pandya c Southee b Santner 8 (6). In walks MS Dhoni at No. 5.

16:25 hrs IST: Single and that’s century No. 32 for Virat Kohli. Absolutely brilliant stuff from the Indian captain, his 5th ton against New Zealand, 6th in 2017 and 10th as India’s captain.

16:19 hrs IST: OUT! The partnership has been broken. Rohit falls to Santner as Southee completes a neat catch at long off. Hardik Pandya is the next man in.

16:15 hrs IST: Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have become the first ever pair to add four 200-plus partnerships in ODIs.

16:11 hrs IST: FOUR! Slower delivery from Southee and Rohit smacks it over extra cover. Another 200 coming up? India are 252/1 after 40 overs. Rohit 141*, Kohli 93*

16:06 hrs IST: Virat Kohli now has the most ODI runs in a year by a captain - 1437

16:03 hrs IST: SIX! This is extraordinary stuff from Kohli. Too full from Santner, the Indian skipper dances down the track and hits it over long off. India are 236/1 after 38 overs. Rohit 128*, Kohli 90*

16:00 hrs IST: FOUR! And that’s another feather in Kohli’s cap. Becomes the fastest to 9000 ODI runs, surpasses AB de Villiers, who achieved the same in 205 innings.

15:58 hrs IST: FOUR! Half-volley from de Grandhomme and Kohli slams it over mid off. Moves to 78.

15:55 hrs IST: FOUR! Both batsmen are toying with the Kiwi bowlers. Juicy full-toss from Boult and Rohit hits it over long off and then deposits one over deep extra cover. Sheer carnage! India are 213/1 after 36 overs.

15:51 hrs IST: Tidy over from de Grandhomme, only three runs off it. India are 196/1 after 35 overs. 350+ looks extremely likely here.

15:47 hrs IST: FOUR! Slightly short from Milne and Rohit pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary. India are 193/1 after 34 overs. Colin de Grandhomme comes back into the attack.

15:43 hrs IST: Single and that’s hundred for Rohit Sharma, 15th overall and first against New Zealand. Well deserved. Another classy innings from India’s ‘talent’.

15:38 hrs IST: The partnership between Kohli and Rohit is now 150! India are 181/1 after 32 overs.

15:34 hrs IST: FOUR! Overpitched delivery from Southee and Kohli drives it to the right of the fielder at covers. India are 172/1 after 31 overs. Rohit 98*, Kohli 56*

15:30 hrs IST: FOUR! Flighted delivery from Santner, Rohit charges down the track and lifts it over the bowler’s head. India are 165/1 after 30 overs. Rohit 97* Kohli 50*

15:28 hrs IST: Single and that’s fifty for Virat Kohli, 46th in ODIs. Cometh the hour, cometh the champion!

15:23 hrs IST: SIX! That’s massive. Too full from Santner and Rohit creams it over long on for a maximum. 150th six in ODIs for the Indian vice-captain. India are 153/1 after 28 overs.

15:20 hrs IST: Just four singles off the over. This is the 12th 100 plus stand between Kohli-Rohit, putting them behind only Tendulkar-Ganguly (26) and Tendulkar-Sehwag (13) in Indian cricket.

15:16 hrs IST: Good over from Milne despite the boundary. New Zealand in desperate need of wickets here. Colin Munro comes into the attack. India are 140/1 after 26 overs. Rohit 79*, Kohli 44*

15:13 hrs IST: FOUR! What a shot! Cross seam delivery from Milne, outside off, Rohit slashes it away past the point fielder. Can’t get any better!

15:08 hrs IST: The partnership between Kohli and Rohit is now 100! Outstanding batting from two of the best of this generation. India are 129/1 after 24 overs.

15:03 hrs IST: Single and that’s 1000 ODI runs in 2017 for Rohit Sharma! Works a back of a length delivery to third man to reach the landmark. India are 127/1 after 23 overs.

15:00 hrs IST: Another 300+ on the cards provided this partnership gets going. Here comes another change in bowling - Trent Boult. India are 119/1 after 22 overs.

14:57 hrs IST: FOUR! Overpitched from de Grandhomme and Rohit lofts it over mid-off. Moves to 69. India are 116/1 after 21 overs.

14:53 hrs IST: Beautiful stuff from Rohit today. NZ need to break this stand sooner than later or else, this would be India’s game.

14:50 hrs IST: FOUR! de Grandhomme needs to try something else. Short ball, Rohit stays in the crease and he pulls it over square leg. India are 104/1 after 19 overs. Rohit 62*, Kohli 26*

14:49 hrs IST: FOUR! Short and wide from de Grandhomme and Rohit cuts it powerfully past the point region. Moves to 57 with that.

14:47 hrs IST: Good back to back overs from Santner. 24 balls since the last boundary. India are 94/1 after 18 overs.

14:44 hrs IST: Santner to continue

14:41 hrs IST: Single and that’s fifty for Rohit, 35th in ODIs and first of the series. Needs to keep going. India are 91/1 after 17 overs. Time for drinks.

14:38 hrs IST: Good comeback from Santner. Generates some sharp turn and bounce. Can he strike? India are 85/1 after 16 overs.

14:34 hrs IST: A double and that brings up the 50-run stand between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. India are 81/1 after 15 overs. Rohit 45*, Kohli 20*

14:31 hrs IST: Good over for India, nine runs off it. At first, Rohit sweeps a delivery down leg past the short fine leg fielder. The last ball, Rohit waits and cuts it past the backward point fielder. Nice! India are 77/1 after 14 overs.

14:28 hrs IST: Mitchell Santner comes into the attack.

14:27 hrs IST: FOUR! Poor length from de Grandhomme, too short, Rohit pulls it easily to backward square leg boundary. Two runs off the next two balls. India are 68/1 after 13 overs.

14:23 hrs IST: Milne mixing it up well. It’s still advantage India with wickets in hand. The only thing not needed is a run-out. India are 59/1 after 12 overs.

14:20 hrs IST: Good over from de Grandhomme, only four runs off it. India need 2-3 big overs here.

14:17 hrs IST: Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack. He dismissed Kohli in the second ODI.

14:15 hrs IST: SIX! Touch short from Adam Milne and Rohit will not miss those. Gets into position well and pulls it over mid-wicket for a maximum. As good as it gets! The NZ seamer follows it up with two dots. India are 53/1 after 10 overs.

14:12 hrs IST: Another decent over from the visitors, just six runs off it. India are 45/1 after 9 overs. Rohit 20*, Kohli 9*

14:08 hrs IST: Consecutive boundaries for India. The hosts need to get anything around 320-330 to put pressure on the Kiwis. The dew factor could very well play its part in the second innings.

14:05 hrs IST: Virat Kohli (193 innings) is 79 runs shy of reaching 9,000 in ODI cricket.

14:02 hrs IST: And Kohli gets off the mark in style. Flicks a good length ball through mid-wicket for his first boundary. Sign of things to come? India are 33/1 after 7 overs.

13:59 hrs IST: OUT! Just what New Zealand would have wanted at this stage. Good length delivery from Southee, Dhawan looks to loft it over long-off but the extra bounce does the trick. Ends up hitting it towards mid off and Williamson does the rest.

13:57 hrs IST: Boult follows it up with decent lengths. Rohit still a bit cautious while facing the left-arm paceman. India are 29/0 after 6 overs.

13:55 hrs IST: FOUR! This is excellent stuff from Dhawan. Length ball from Boult, the Indian opener steps out and drives it through the covers.

13:53 hrs IST: FOUR! Upper cut! Attempted bouncer from Southee, Rohit adjusts well and helps it to third man boundary. Only one run off the next two deliveries. India are 22/0 after 5 overs. Rohit 12*, Dhawan 9*

13:48 hrs IST: And Dhawan looks in top form! Five dot balls from Boult and the Indian smacks a good length delivery through covers to deny Kiwi paceman a maiden. India are 17/0 after 4 overs.

13:45 hrs IST: Tidy over from Southee. Rohit’s single towards third man the only run scored off those six balls. India are 12/0 after 3 overs. Boult to continue.

13:43 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma has only been able to post scores of 7 and 20 so far in this ODI series. Can the Mumbaikar get a big one today?

13:40 hrs IST: FOUR! Nothing much wrong with the delivery, good length outside off, Dhawan cuts it late (and really well) to the wide of the backward point fielder. Boult finishes the over with a dot. India are 11/0 after 2 overs.

13:37 hrs IST: Trent Boult comes into the attack. He took a four-wicket haul in the Wankhede ODI.

13:35 hrs IST: FOUR! Shortish delivery from Southee, width on offer too, Rohit slashes it over point for his first boundary of the day. The NZ seamer follows it up with a wide and a dot. India are 7/0 after first over.

13:32 hrs IST: Off the mark - Back of a length delivery from Southee and Rohit works it towards backward point for a single.

13:30 hrs IST: Time for live action. Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma make their way out in the middle, and so do the Kiwis. Tim Southee to start the proceedings.

13:20 hrs IST: After losing the series opener in Mumbai, Kohli and Co were on back foot but bowlers, especially Bhuvneshwar Kumar, backed by some stylish batting by opener Shikhar Dhawan and Dinesh Karthik helped the side stage a remarkable comeback, winning the pitch controversy marred second encounter at Pune.

13:10 hrs IST: “Got here nice and early a couple of days ago. Had a day off. We’re refreshed and we’re looking to start well now.” - Trent Boult

13:04 hrs IST: Here are the playing XI of both teams -

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Dinesh Karthik, Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni(wk), Kedar Jadhav, Axar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham(wk), Henry Nicholls, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Adam Milne, Tim Southee, Trent Boult

13:00 hrs IST: New Zealand have won the toss and have opted to bowl.

12:56 hrs IST: “A very good pitch to bat on,” says Sunil Gavaskar. “The dew factor does come into play at around 6-6.30 pm”.

12:51 hrs IST: With the evenings been chilly, will dew and smog play a part in proceedings? Mostly, the team that wins the toss will look to bowl.

12:38 hrs IST: In the previous ODI played at Kanpur against South Africa in 2015, the Proteas held their nerve to seal a five-run win. In the last 10 ODIs at this venue, India have lost only three.

12:30 hrs IST: Kane Williamson’s New Zealand team have blown hot and cold with the bat. At the Wankhede, they were great. At Pune, they struggled. How will the Kiwis fare in Kanpur?

12:24 hrs IST: India’s dominance began at Kanpur when they started their massive home season in 2016. In what was the 500th Test for India, they easily blew away New Zealand at Green Park and established a blueprint of dominance.

12:15 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is just 83 runs away from reaching 9000 runs. Should he get it in this match, he’ll be the fastest batsman ever to reach this landmark.

12:06 hrs IST: 1995, 1999 and 2016. On three occasions, New Zealand headed into the final game level but they lost the decider. Will 2017 be any different?

12:00 hrs IST: Kanpur is hosting it’s first day-night ODI. This could be the last time that the stadium hosts a limited-overs game. Mostly, the ODIs and T20Is might be played at the new Ekana stadium in Lucknow.

11:51 hrs IST: Hello and a warm welcome to the third and deciding ODI between India and New Zealand from Kanpur. For the fourth time, a series between these two teams has gone to a decider. Who will hold their nerve? The match is all set to begin shortly.

Virat Kohli’s Indian cricket team are are a win away from clinching the seventh ODI series on trot. This is the first Day-Night encounter in Kanpur and it could also probably the last international encounter at this venue, in the shorter format, as the action is likely to shift to Ekana International cricket stadium in Lucknow.

For New Zealand, this is a sense of deja-vu. This is the fourth time that they will play a series decider in an ODI bilateral series against India. In 1995, 1999 and 2016, they had leveled the game heading into the final match but they have lost on all three encounters. Kane Williamson’s side will be determined to snap this trend and register their maiden series win on Indian soil.

India have demonstrated their ability bounce back after suffering a loss in the Wankhede ODI. Dinesh Karthik’s fifty adds further depth to the Indian middle order and the side might not make many changes. Virat Kohli needs 83 runs more to become the fastest batsman to reach 9000 ODI runs. Kohli’s milestone, combined with a chance for both teams to win the series, makes this match vital.

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