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A Miracle Healing!

Thanksgiving Day is a reminder of being grateful for what we have, never mind if thousands of turkeys are sacrificed at the altar.

india Updated: Dec 25, 2003 17:21 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

"Thanks, thanks very much", or similar sounding words are part of our daily vocabulary, as well as what we get to hear most of all, in our lives. Most of the time it is just a phrase used by those who are accustomed to receiving, who keep them in readiness to disburse on every occasion, without actually meaning it.

In fact the meaning of the words is only of secondary consideration. In fact it is more the inflection, the tone of voice used, which gives value to the words, or, conversely, indicates their worthlessness. Most of the time it is merely a politically correct way of interacting, and might as well never have been uttered at all, for it does not express any vibration of gratitude, that is evoked through the stirring of the soul. Vibrations of the soul vary greatly with the same words. They may reflect, if you look carefully, myriads of contradictory emotions, ranging from envy, deceit, disappointment, and even evil intentions, to one of pure love and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated in the United States of America, is a true reminder of being grateful for what we have, never mind if thousands of innocent turkeys have to be sacrificed at the altar of this Day's prayers.

Beautiful words of genuine gratitude are rarely if ever heard today, and gratitude, as an emotion expressed to our Creator, even in our most private moments of conversation with Him, are getting rarer and rarer. And yet, if we go deeper into this vibration of gratitude as an expression of love and contentment, we find that it is the greatest healer of all our expectations, disappointments, and longings of an unhappy, unfulfilled life.

When we fulfill our duties to His Creation to the farthest loving ability that our souls can reach, it sets forth a stream of motion of reciprocal giving. When we receive this largesse, it ought to evoke, from the depths of our love for Him, an unending stream of gratitude.

This is the Healing Power that we have evoked. To put it even more simply, this is a form of Miracle Healing, for it rids us of all our negative feelings which have caused us physical problems. For how can you berate, or feel badly towards the world, when there arises nothing but gratitude and never-ending love, for all the Blessings showered upon us? This is a feeling that lifts you to immeasurable heights of supreme happiness.

Let us approach Him in our most private, sacred moments, with an intuitive perception, and pour out whatever your spirit can pour forth, by way of gratitude. Allow this feeling to settle deep in your atomic structure, for it is to Him alone that gratitude is due, for to Him alone do you belong. Because only through His great Love you were able to come into existence!

In your small, limited mind, then, there will be no doubt as to what you can do to heal yourself of all negativity at all levels, mental, emotional, and of course physical.

Too simple? I invite you to experience the simplicity of this Miracle Healing for yourselves!

First Published: Dec 25, 2003 17:21 IST