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A Supersonic Valentine

Last year, on Valentine Day, a spacecraft sent back pictures of the planet Mars, where the topography seemed to show the picture of a great heart.

india Updated: Feb 10, 2004 16:33 IST

Mars has always been known as a planet of War, the opposite of the feelings of love. Last year, on Valentine Day, a spacecraft sent back pictures of the planet Mars, where the topography seemed to show the picture of a great heart. That was Mars' way of telling humans that the time for war and disagreements is finally over, and the time for showing true feelings of love, straight from the heart, has arrived.

This Valentine Day is the time for sending a Supersonic Valentine to the Mother Earth, telling her of our great love for her. For aeons this loving Mother has carried on nourishing us in body and soul, uncomplainingly, while humans got together to plunder her resources, and lay bare her innards, in a cruel and unjust repayment for her sustenance.

Warring factions have pained our great Mother, by pouring all their negative energies of war, crime and injustice, into her ethers, until she became so fully impregnated with them, that there was no other solution but to choose a corrective balancing path of shuddering them off.

This she has done through all the natural disasters that have taken place in the last couple of decades, through earthquakes, tornadoes, gigantic fires, volcanoes, and hold your breaths, mass deaths through the deadly AIDS, starvation etc. It is payback time, dear ones, for all of us. Let us all heal our dear Mother, by sending her collective Healing Energies on the day of Love, Valentine Day.

Lovers of humanity, and of all sentient consciousness on this planet, this call is being made straight to your hearts. For what better message can you send to our Mother on this day, but through the toning of the Eternal Mantra of Peace:
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti!

This is always repeated three times, for the first time represents an invocation to all the Divine Forces surrounding the planet, and in the Cosmos to direct loving and peaceful energies towards the Earth.
The second intonation is the invocation to all sentient beings on the planetary surface, and within it, to remain calm and peaceful.
The third, and softest intonation is to invoke peace within our own hearts. So deeply within, that it becomes an integral part of our spiritual vibration!

Sound, coupled with heartfelt intention has the energy to heal and bring about peace. Now is the time to create an Earthly Choir of OM Shanti vibration, to generate a massive wave of Healing Energy into our Mother, transforming her pain into a smile of love. This major positive shift that will occur as a result of our mass intonations will bring us forgiveness and rebalance for all our misdirected energy towards Her.

We love you Mother Earth, we wish to see you as a shining Star of Peace in the Heavens above.

First Published: Feb 10, 2004 16:33 IST