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As shall you sow, so shall you reap

Bhagvad Gita urges us to do our duties without expecting any return.

india Updated: Apr 11, 2006 14:57 IST

Oncea traveller had suddenly fallen sick and was lying unconscious on the roadside. All the passersby looked at him but no one came forward to help.

Some thought he must be a drunkard while others were just indifferent.
At last one passerby, a saint, took pity on him. He came near, felt his pulse, poured some water in his mouth and soon the fellow came back to his senses. He profusely thanked the saint.

“I want to reward you suitably for your timely help,” said the sick man. The saint replied, “Thank you very much for providing me an opportunity to serve you and thereby pleasing God. I did not serve you for money or any reward whatsoever.”
The man pleaded, “But I will be very happy to give you something in return. Why do you deprive me of that?”

The saint said instead: “Look at nature. The wonderful trees, beautiful flowers, and green leaves give so much solace and joy to us but take nothing in return. If you are still keen to pay me back please offer a similar service to anybody in need. I will be amply rewarded by that.” “I will definitely do that but please tell me your name and address. I will take it down and remember you forever,” gushed the traveller. “You don’t need to remember me by name. The name of the Good Samaritan is not written anywhere in the Bible.

Don’t remember me, only remember this act and try to help others in turn,” urged the saint.

This precisely is the Karma Yoga propagated in the Gita. It urges us to do our duties without having any attachment or expecting any return. If we do good to our fellow beings, then our own future will invariably be taken care of. Science does its bit to affirm this belief: as per Newton’s third law, every action has its equal and opposite reaction, meaning in equal measure from the other side. Or as we’d say amongst ourselves: Jaisi karni, vaisi bharni.

First Published: Apr 08, 2006 16:21 IST