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'Ash is beautiful, but can't act for nuts'

In response to this week's Vox Populi, our surfers from all over the world vouched for the lady, albeit cautiously.

india Updated: Oct 27, 2006 19:11 IST

Aishwarya Rai is on a roll. With three films-UmraoJaan, Guru and Dhoom 2lined up for release, she is the talk of the town today.

Our surfers from all over the world vouched for the lady, albeit cautiously. While they said she is undoubtedly beautiful, they had reservations about her acting talent. Raj from Vancouver said: “I think her beauty pageant persona has always overshadowed her professional life as an actress. To add to it, people & the media have always talked about her beauty rather than her acting skills. So for me, she’s just a beauty queen, nothing more.”

Said Reema Paul from Bhopal : “Aishwarya is breathtakingly beautiful. She is definitely fit to be the face of modern India. However, her acting skills leave much to be desired.”

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in a still from Umrao Jaan. 

Kush from LA had the same thing to say: Ash is not a very good actress, and appears to be mushy and weak. Sushmita, on the other hand, is more natural and strong. But Ash is undoubtedly beautiful, though age does seem to be catching up with her.”

Echoing him was Monica from Mountain View. She said: “Ash is very beautiful no doubt, but as an actress she is mediocre. She can’t act for nuts.”

An interesting comparison cropped up between her and Sushmita Sen. A lot of our surfers opined that Sush was the more talented of the two, and Ash the more beautiful.

Nitish, a surfer from Mumbai, for instance said: “Ash and Sush-two immensely beautiful and talented ladies-one beautiful, the other talented. If Ash is the epitome of beauty and stunning looks, Sush is the epitome of talent, will-power and a courage to live life on her own terms. Hats off to both of them!”

45 year-old Dhawan S wrote in to say that Aishwarya was overhyped. He seemed to think she had a ‘cold’ kind of beauty and that Rani Mukherjee was more beautiful than her.

Piyushfrom Patna shared a similar thought. He said: “Why are we propping up Aishwarya Rai so much? Just because she won the beauty contest many years ago, that doesn’t mean she’s the ultimate. There are so many others more beautiful than her. Kajol for instance, has such vibrant charm and beauty. She’s the one I would prefer as the face of India any day.”

Aashaa from Delhi had an interesting take on the actress. She said: “I think it’s up to a director to tap the beauty and talent of an actress. And with someone like Aishwarya, that shouldn’t have been a difficult task at all. But I don’t know what went wrong, she seemed to land up in the wrong kind of films. Maybe she was unfortunate enough to have got directors who weren’t perceptive enough, maybe it was a bad time for her as a whole. Let’s hope things look up for this stunner of a lady.”

The responses to our questions, therefore, came as no surprise. The trends for each of them were unanimous and everyone seemed to think the same way.

To our first question for instance, a whopping 350 people seemed to think Ash was rightly called the face of modern India. 150 surfers said Sushmita Sen was a better bet for that title, while 50 others remained non-committal.

First Published: Oct 28, 2006 04:00 IST