'Chappell's planets cost India World Cup'

Leading astrologers say Greg Chappell's adverse planetary positions and the "inauspicious" departure timings of Team India to the West Indies resulted in India's dismal performance.

india Updated: Apr 29, 2007 14:51 IST

Poor cricket apart, India's early exit from the World Cup was also a result of ex-coach Greg Chappell's adverse planetary positions and the "inauspicious" departure timings to the West Indies, feel some leading astorlogers.

While experts and a majority of cricket lovers are blaming players and the coach for India's first-round exit from the tournament, some prominent astrologers attributed the disastrous performance to "unfavourable" planetary positions of the cricketers and Chappell.

The planetary position of the cricketers and Chappell did not match and this was one of the main reason for the dismal performance of Team India in the World Cup, astrologer Akshay Kumar Sharma told on Sunday.

"The hostile position of stars and planetary movements of the cricketers and Chappell was the reason behind "confrontationist" relations between them," Sharma, who was in Shimla for a two-day national convention on astrology that ended on Sunday, said.

Sharma, who was recently honoured at the international meet of astrologers at Singapore for explaining "unfavourable" planetary position leading to divorce, advised the BCCI to make available "janam kundali" of players to a team of astrologers who would predict their future.

Another astrologer Amar Gautam said the timing of the Indian cricket team's departure to the West Indies was not auspicious.

Moreover, the "rashi" of the players and coach Chappell was "unfriendly", he added.

First Published: Apr 29, 2007 14:32 IST