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Creating a comfort zone

Have you seen how electrical gadgets blow fuses, or gyrate wildly, whenever you come close to them? Do you often receive unwanted attention?

india Updated: Mar 16, 2004 17:35 IST

Have you felt that you are always standing out like a neon light in the darkness, whenever you go into a crowded place?

Have you sensed that unwanted attention, maybe critical or judgmental, is always drawn to you, making you so uncomfortable, that you suddenly wish that you were invisible, or that the Earth should open up and swallow you, before the bad vibes of the world get to you?

Have you seen how electrical gadgets have the habit of blowing fuses, or gyrating wildly, whenever you come close to them? It is your own electro-magnetic vibration that disturbs theirs, and the result is that some kind of malfunctioning occurs.

If you have been a Light worker for any length of time, it is highly probable that you find yourself similarly placed. This happens when your own energy is radiating beautifully, so much more powerfully than of those around you, and causes you, and all the others to feel a sense of discomfort, to say the least.

We have talked about throwing a ring of protection around the aura, through the blue wall of light. But this is not about protecting yourself. This is about becoming comfortable, and making others, humans and machines, easily adaptable to your own power.

For this end, we shall use two methods. The first one is through giving intent to be 'invisible'. To when we give a solemn intent to become invisible, we create around us a filter of sorts. We do not actually become physically invisible to people, but we do create, through such intent, a cloud cover of crystalline rainbow light in our auras.

The net result is, that other humans will react, and respond, only to those wavelengths of the aura that they find easy to assimilate into their own auras. This becomes a process of selective reception, based on the capacity of another to receive a level of vibration. So the other person is always feeling a level of comfort and empathy with us.

In this way we also shield ourselves from instant critical and judgmental reactions, which happen when people feel strangely on sensing incompatible vibrations.

The other method, to put an end to machines which have the habit of malfunctioning when we come near them, is to become 'one with the energy' of that machine. This can easily be done by approaching the machine with an attitude of love.

Expand the spark of love in your heart, through deep breathing, until you feel that this love energy has permeated the machine and its aura. It will automatically respond happily to your commands, and function efficiently thereafter.

This could be tried out with your computer, household gadget, your car, or other vehicle, and even with light bulbs that tend to blow fuses the moment you switch them on!

Go ahead, activate these filters, and remain in your comfort zone always!

First Published: Mar 16, 2004 17:13 IST