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Defining the "Self"

If you consider that the 'self' is all there is to 'redefine' in this human world, you have grasped the essence of the human incarnation.

india Updated: Jan 17, 2004 16:50 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

If you are reading this today, there is obviously a quiet understanding within your soul that there is something here that will help you redefine your own definition of 'your self'!

If you consider that the 'self' is all there is to 'redefine' in this human world, you have grasped the essence of the human incarnation. Yet, what remains is that you have to discover for yourself, what it is that you will experience in your journey of self-discovery.

And that is why you are reading these articles at this moment. You not only read them, but also, at the same moment, project the images - that is picture holograms into your brain for your inner eyes to see. These words provide the stimulus to the brain to create these holographic images. So actually, the true self, is a continuity of visual-audio-imagery, and can also be called 'imagination'.

So as you read with spiritual intent to absorb New Knowledge, you are in a sense redefining your old, entrenched images of your definitions of spirituality.

When we understand that we must now learn to define ourselves in much broader terms, that is imagine the unimaginable, about the vastness of our Spirit, we have touched upon the 'magic formula' to begin rediscovering the ethereal, unlimited boundaries of self, which were here before hidden from us. It is as if the fog around us suddenly lifts, and the extended horizons of our true nature become visible in stark clarity, for the very first time.

In his book, The Plane of Bliss, Ramtha has explained the intricacies of this radical transformative experience. He says:

"The definition of self. We must go all the way back to Point Zero, to what I taught when you first came to see me - You are God. And then of course we have to redefine what God is and remove from it the shackles of limitation and dogma. And we use that which is termed physics to be able to explain the metamorphosis of involution as well as evolution to reality. Self is a pure creative state of consciousness and its handmaiden energy, are inextricably combined; that's what we really, really are. And that self creating is none other than the Godhead itself. That's what we are.

"If we understand that we are not really the faces that we wear, and we're not really the garment that we wear and, moreover, we really aren't the territories that we define, then we start to see self in its most pure origin. When we understand that self is not the subjective body that we exist in but that it is the one inactive mind of all reality. With this brain that has the ability to contemplate the Infinite, even on its finite terms, you begin to see then that our spiritual self has been a rolling culmination of the very experiences that it created."

To be continued...

First Published: Jan 17, 2004 16:50 IST