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East or waist

Mumbai based designer Arjun Khanna, solves your style related queries.

india Updated: Jan 12, 2009 16:44 IST
Arjun Khanna

My wardrobe is full of waistcoats, thanks to the craze last year. Are they still in vogue and if not, what’s currently hot in men’s club wear?
Ryan Almeida

Absolutely. The waistcoat is very much in vogue and the styles are just getting bolder as they continue to dominate the red carpet and catwalk. Mix and match.. it is a key element in fashion.

It will help you develop and nurture your own style too. Fitted shirts, trendy bandgalas teamed with jeans are also very hot on the party scene. Besides, style is a personal expression of one’s self.

I’ve noticed that most magazines show guys wearing dress shoes with no socks. Should I be going sockless.. to the office? And what about the sweat?
Harish Lal

Personally I am at odds with following what fashion magazines dictate. I have noticed rampant ‘socklessness’ among the editorial staff of many fashion magazines. While I am all for it in cause of a comfy pair of loafers, there is something jarring about seeing a sockless man in a business suit. It makes me feel sorry for the chap.

To me, his wife or girlfriend has thrown him out and he’s sleeping on someone’s couch. As for those below-the-ankle socks, I wouldn’t venture there, either. I believe that if one wants to wear women’s socks.. he should have the nerve to wear the ones with pom-poms as well.

I am a 25-year-old engineer employed by a multinational company. Our dress code is business casuals. I love polo shirts and usually team them with khakis and leather shoes. However, this seems to be attracting strange looks from my colleagues. Is it so weird?
Shailendra Rathore

Well mate, you could associate these ‘looks’ with the looks from fans of a different cricket/football team than the one you support.

It is more likely though that the looks spring from jealousy. Polo shirts went through a slump years ago, but today the product and style are back and are available in a variety of colours.

However, I’ve met many boys in their mid-20s who are still flaunting Guns‘n’Roses T-shirts at work and wondering why they’re not making more money.

I’ve always been a tomboy of sorts and I’ve recently developed a fascination for heels. The problem is that I’m too scared to try on the towering ones invading most stores. Could you please suggest some styles that could work for a heel-amateur like me?
Renu Jha

Do not fret twinkle toes. The market today is flooded with a variety of shoes and styles as a result of increasing demand catering to needs just like yours. Many stores stock styles in a smaller heel version.

You may want to try kitten heels, platforms, wedges or even T-shaped cone heels to start with. The choices are endless. If your feet are broad try a pair of shoes which have a broader base so you can balance your stand.. while looking good. Then slowly work your way to a higher heel.