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For me Aishwarya is real: Abhishek

Abhishek Bachchan speaks to Khalid Mohamed about acting, Aishwarya and the films that they're doing together.

india Updated: Feb 10, 2007 11:41 IST

Get this. I’m skating on thin ice, professional/personal. He’s my baba, I’m
his khaala (don’t knowwhy he gave me that nickname but it stuck).

There’s been this robustly mutual regard methinks.. ever since he was the
Bambi-eyed kid watching me interview his dad. How time zips.

The nation and more so, the media’s curiosity is at its peak about his upcoming
marriage to Aishwarya Rai, in my eyes the most beautiful woman in the
world (after my mum, that is).

To cut to the chase, I’m at his neatnik office in Juhu. On the stairs, I pass by Boss Bachchan feeling oh-I’d-like-tochat-with-him.. but what to do?..I have another job to perform. How wonderful, it would have been if a KM Jr was doing an AB Jr q and a. Aaah, never mind that silly story of my life.

Abhishek Bachchan is across a desk, I’ve organised my mutinous back in the sit-right posture, I escalate an eyebrow at the much-photographed headband keeping Junior’s long hairlocks in a semblance of ask..

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan in a still from the film Guru

What’s with that hair-ishtyle Baba?

Hopefully, it’s there only till April for


. You think I like maintaining my hair like this? It’s quite cumbersome. I was shooting for Shaad’s (Ali Khan)

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

, with long hair and a moustache. Goldie saw it, liked it and wanted me to keep it

You look more in shape after the kilos you put on for


Not entirely. I’d gone right till 91 kg.. now I’m 84 kg, must lose five more.

How did you sustain the look for different age spans of



It was shot chronologically from start to finish in three months, that helped to sustain the physical aspect. It was challenging.

What do actors mean by challenging?

Anything that’s a cakewalk isn’t satisfying. Like you wouldn’t be doing this interview if it wasn’t you have to match wits with the person you’re interviewing.

Actually Mani sir (Ratnam) was planning quite another film.. on the life of a criminal in Manchester. He faces adversities, redeems himself.. halfway through the script he felt it wasn’t what he wanted to make.

So Mani sir switched to a veiled biography of Dhirubhai Ambani?
This wasn’t mentioned to me ever.

But every character in the film was drawn from Mr Ambani’s life.
That’s your perception. Anyone who has seen Guru will tell you that.

Then it’s their perception.
But no, there was no intention to make a biopic. Perhaps certain characteristics were drawn from various people which Mani sir always does.

Hello, didn’t you have a role model?
Khaala, no. To be honest I have often drawn inspiration from reallife people. I’ve never admitted this but the Lallan of Yuva was inspired by Amar Singhji, his confidence, and some of his mannerisms. And if you really must know, in Guru I was totally inspired by my dear friend and former producer Vashu Bhagnani.

Excuse me, say that again.
Yes absolutely, I drew from the way Vashuji smiles, laughs, loves to keep serving food and drinks, always sprightly, on-the-go, eager..someone who can’t sit or stand still. I hope he doesn’t get upset if he reads this.

First Published: Feb 09, 2007 13:49 IST