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Get rid of boredom

The Universe always conspires to give us what we 'feel' we deserve in life. The Universe does not judge us, if we ask for the wrong things.

india Updated: Mar 01, 2004 13:59 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

How many times a day do you proclaim, sometimes silently, sometimes loud and clear, that you are fed up with your job, life, and never-ending family responsibilities? How many times do you think you need to pull yourself out of this rut that you have got yourself into, but cannot make the effort to do so? How many times a day do you say that you are thoroughly bored with the sameness, the routine which irks you no end?

The Universe always conspires to give us what we 'feel' we deserve in life. The Universe does not judge us, if we are constantly asking for the wrong things. The Universe does not say that if we affirm that we are in the wrong place, it will change the position for you. The Universe only reaffirms what we have proclaimed, whether silently, or loudly.

Even if we have the subconscious feeling all the time that we are unworthy of anything good, (whether it be material wealth, or feelings of being loved and cared for) then what the Universe will do is to say "And So it is" to those feelings. This strengthens our own unworthy feelings and lowers our self-esteem even further. This is a vicious cycle that goes on until we feel we are born losers.

We have never, as human beings, understood the importance of cancelling out all negative thoughts about ourselves. I have observed that Indians in particular always try to project themselves as 'nothing' at all in front of people. Hence that sense of being 'nothing' is constantly being sent out to the Universe. And then we do not understand why we deteriorate further into nothingness, when everything seems to be going well for us.

To maintain and fortify thoughts of our success and happiness, we must learn to celebrate every little success. This brings us into the success mode continually.

If we have learnt a new way of doing a job, celebrate, if we have forgiven someone who was our sworn enemy, then celebrate friendship and love, if we have bought ourselves a new item of clothing, then wear it with pride and celebrate your ability to purchase the finer things of life!

Do not try and hide your capabilities and achievements, by saying all the time, "It was nothing", for it was one more reason to celebrate life.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate every small thing in your life which has served you in moving on, and you will never get bored. For when you get on to the celebration train, the train itself starts celebrating your joy at being on it.

Life then becomes one long magical miraculous celebration, and how can you be unhappy or bored in such circumstances?

First Published: Mar 01, 2004 12:58 IST