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God keeps me close to my roots: Jas Arora

I feel believers are nice people. It bestows humility and calm. There?s no need to go around backbiting people.

india Updated: Sep 16, 2003 19:45 IST
? As told to Natasha Grover
? As told to Natasha Grover

I have and will always be a devout believer in God. He’s the one who keeps me firmly on the ground since I am constantly aware about the fact that whatever position I am at right now or wherever I will be later in life will all be because of him and for that I’ll be eternally grateful to Him. I don’t really go to a Gurudwara or a temple, while for some it may be their way of paying their respect to that eternal being up there but for me a simple picture of Gurunanak Devji close to my heart in my pocket is a source of great solace.

Somewhere deep down in my heart I constantly think of Him. And that awareness keeps me close to my roots. A deep grounding in religion has kept my moral values strong and has forever kept me in my boots. I feel believers are nice people. It bestows humility and calm. There’s no need to go around backbiting or criticising people. Faith in its own way helps me to maintain an inner harmony and balance. I know if I am not harming anyone, I will not be wronged. He’s there to look after all of us so why be hassled unnecessarily. He’s the one who’s put you in a tight spot and he’s going to bail you out of it.

I have grown in a big Sikh family that has celebrated Guru Purab and Baisakhi with as much fervour as any other festival. The chants of Guru Granth Sahebji still echo in my mind. I don’t read it everyday but I do make it a point to take His name each time I leave home. Also bedtime is when I need to thank Him for all he’s blessed me with throughout the day as well as in my life. Also once a year I have to visit the Golden Temple no matter how hectic my schedule may be.

Spirituality, meditation and yoga, these are and should be important elements of one’s life but only if you’re disturbed beyond comfort. So I am not saying that these are useless concepts, I am just trying to drive home the point that for a person like me who is very much at peace with himself, these are of no significance. I’ve had a happy childhood, have a stable life and know exactly what I need. So where’s the need for all this? I am a self-made man and I’ve worked hard for it and that’s good enough for me. Whatever destiny has in store for me is bound to happen. My spiritual mantra: just take life the way it comes and see how wonderful life becomes for you.

First Published: Sep 16, 2003 11:41 IST