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How to make your garden gorgeous

Have green fingers? Here’s what you must remember when doing up your garden. A healthy garden is a place where any plant that is grown thrives. But while some plants are poisonous, others can adversely affect our health.

india Updated: Jan 18, 2013 01:05 IST
Ritu Kapoor
Ritu Kapoor
Hindustan Times

A healthy garden is a place where any plant that is grown thrives. But while some plants are poisonous, others can adversely affect our health. Some gardening methods do not benefit us or the plants in the long term. There are alternatives to using chemicals in the garden, and our health and that of the wildlife will benefit if we turn to them whenever possible. If we follow the natural order then we can live in harmony with the flora and the fauna and support each other.

Poisonous plants
Many well-known garden plants are poisonous and some wild ones may also find their way in. While adults are comparatively safe with these plants, children attracted to their colourful berries and seeds, an we need to take preventative measures to exclude dangerous plants from the garden.

Plants and allergies
In the recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from allergies. We can choose as many plants for our garden as we please, but some of the plants we love can cause a great deal of distress for asthma sufferers. Some plants can even cause dermatitis (skin allergy) when touched.

PlantsMoney plants

According to Feng Shui, each part of your house has a different influence on your ability to increase your wealth. Another way to

activate the chi in each area of your house is to use money plants. Its rounded leaves are associated with metal chi, which, in turn, is linked to coins and money. To make the effect stronger, you can grow the plant in a metal container, or support the chi by potting the plant in a clay pot, representing soil chi.

Usher in prosperity with plants
Feng Shui explains how eight sides of your house signify eight kinds of luck. Here’s how to find where the eight directions in your house are. Place your money plant in your chosen area to activate the chi. The following list of eight directions gives you ideas on how a particular direction can help financially, and what to do in that part of your house.

East: Helps you start new money-making projects and expands your business.

South-east: Increases your ability to acquire new ideas concerning your future prosperity.

South: Helps develop the passion to go out and earn money. Good for developing useful contacts.

South-west: Use this area to focus on your savings and find ways to make the money you have grow further.

West: makes it easier to make more money out of what you are already doing to earn money.

North-west: Good for acquiring integrity about money and greater respect for its value.

North: Increases the chi that relates to your cash flow. Ideal if people are slow in playing you.

North-east: This is the winner’s chi and is great for quick decisions.