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Know What Women Want

Way to a man's heart is through his stomach and the key to a woman's heart...well, God alone knows, writes Poonam Sharma.

india Updated: Oct 15, 2005 17:47 IST
Poonam Sharma
Poonam Sharma

Way to a man's heart is through his stomach and the key to a woman's heart...well, God alone knows (and even He's not too sure).

While studying at Jesus & Mary College I always felt a bit sad for boys who drifted around the campus in the vain hope that someone someday would reciprocate their ardour. But then the poor guys hardly know WWW (What Women Want).

We girls sat in the canteen and tried to solve the Mystery of WWW. Everyone knows that times have changed and so have the expectations that a woman has from her partner. Sure, women today are in no mood to treat their Patis as Parmeshwars, but does it mean they are looking for henpecked hubbies? The answer, surprisingly, is a big NO.

Take for instance my classmate Nitu. According to her, she chose Vicky over Rahul the latter's obscenely fat bank balance. Why? Only because Rahul was too much of a 'yes' guy for her taste, ever ready to nod acquiescence even without listening to what Nitu had to say. While Rahul's docility amused her in the beginning, the novelty soon wore of. Life would become a drag if she had no one to argue with. Sure, different points of view can sometimes be a pain, but then that's how you grow. Unwilling to risk a staggeringly tedious marriage, Nitu instead chose Vicky who she found intellectually more challenging and friendly.

Like Nitu, Divya too isn't obsessed with money. Rich or poor, she wants her husband to be a good-looking man. Madly in love with DDLJ's Shah Rukh Khan, she's waiting for someone who is as confident and happy-go-lucky as Rahul. Divya insists she won't make the same mistake Simran did in the Yash Chopra blockbuster and will be quick to acknowledge her feelings. When Prince Charming rides into the distant horizon, she wants to be the one sitting behind him on horseback.

But money and looks don't bedazzle every woman. They certainly didn't mean much to Monika who was confused about accepting Rohit's proposal. Know what finally made her say yes? The fact that Rohit was a self-made man...

So guys, watch out! Looking like a Greek God and having a King's ransom stashed under your bed is no guarantee that you can wriggle your way into a woman's good graces. There's a great deal else that she wants from her man and what's more, she's determined to get it!

First Published: Oct 07, 2005 10:07 IST