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Left in the lurch over the nuclear deal

Vir Sanghvi correctly points out that 'the Left's opposition is not to the nuclear deal itself but the fact that India is doing business with America.

india Updated: Sep 02, 2007 05:06 IST

IN WHO’S Left? Who's right? (Counterpoint, August 26) Vir Sanghvi rightly remarks that 'the Left's opposition is not to the nuclear deal itself but the fact that India is doing business with America.' Since the 1920s, when Communism came to India, Indian communists have been working at the behest of the Moscow politburo. Although communism does not have the same appeal now, Indian communists are uneasy with the present situation. The more the world changes, the more the communists want to follow the old path.

Vidya Sagar, Delhi


EVERY SENSIBLE person understands that the hue and cry raised by the Left is more because of political compulsions than understanding of the global scenario, as also perhaps their American phobia. It’s time the Left ideologues answer the question posed by Sanghvi — what does the Left stand for? If it opposes the current ideology, then what does it have as an alternative? People are disappointed at the stubborn attitude of the Left in making an issue of a non-issue.

Ghanshyam Singh, Patna


VIR SANGHVI castigates the communists for having played a dubious role in India's polity right from the Independence struggle, China's incursion into India in 1962 up to their current stand on the nuclear deal with US. After highlighting the lack of consistency in their ideology, he exposes their lack of concern for prosperity for the common man.

Sushil Gupta, Delhi


I FEEL crucial decisions should be taken by consensus of all major political parties who should represent the true feelings of people. This way, we could avoid the chaos and uncertainty India faces over the deal. The nuclear mess that has divided the nation and crippled the government brings out the ideological opportunism and nationalist hypocrisy of all the major political players.

Vitull K Gupta, Bhatinda


Instead of wasting their energies on opposing the civilian nuclear agreement with the US, the Indian Leftists would do a great deal of good if they devote themselves to the cause of the masses by awakening them to the nuances of a complex exploitative machinery. Their mass cadre base is dwindling due to the inner-contradictions and their armchair approach to social problems.

A D Pandey, Delhi

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First Published: Sep 02, 2007 05:03 IST