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Life beyond 3-D reality

There is a fourth variable to the 3-dimensional world. Time is the fourth variable besides length, breadth and height.
PTI | By Veena Minocha
PUBLISHED ON SEP 21, 2004 03:57 PM IST

As science has realised, there is a fourth variable to the dimensional world, besides length, breadth, and height. And that fourth variable is ‘time’. Time can be moved forward, or backward, as time depends on the speed of light, as we calculate it. We can move along with the sun’s rays in an aeroplane, and if we start at dawn, it will still be dawn, however long we travel, if we are traveling at the rate at which the sun’s light moves.

We are so used to linear time, that is thinking of events as being in the past, present, or the future, that this novel concept becomes a tad difficult to understand. Yet, we do notice and experience, that ‘time’ seems to have speeded up somehow, for we seem to have many shorter hours in a day than we did earlier. The cliché, that time is ‘flying’, becomes somehow very real to us!
This mind boggling phenomenon is explained in this channeling thus:

Earth is no longer in three dimensions. We are now situated in the fifth dimension of consciousness, with access to higher dimensions. Earth is now a full multi-dimensional crystal planet.

A majority of people There are those on the planet, probably still a majority, who continue to live their lives as though they were still in the third dimension. This creates the appearance that nothing has fundamentally changed, when in fact huge shifts have occurred in your reality and how it is created and maintained.

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