Making your house crystal clear

Add sparkle to your interior space with classy and glamorous clear crystals. Crystals look luxurious and are taking the centre-stage in the league of interiors and decoration.

india Updated: Oct 18, 2010 15:32 IST
Roma Arora Roma Arora
Roma Arora Roma Arora
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Crystals look luxurious and are taking the centre-stage in the league of interiors and decoration. Sukanya Dutta Roy of Swarovski says, “Worldwide, crystal is playing a major role in beautifying the interior spaces. Cut, clarity and colour are the three C’s which differentiate high quality crystal from the poor quality ones.”

Crystal wonder From table décors to chandeliers, lamps, vases, photo frames, candle holders, to cutlery items and bar accessories, crystals are unique masterpieces and a must-have in your home décor.

Anita Kataria of The Right Address says, "Crystals are just the thing for those who desire only the best. From being the centreprice of your living room to little shining figurines on side tables, crystals look great."

Crystal ChandelierProduct designer Rolly Guta from House of Raro says, "Antique Crystal from 20’s is much in vogue right now. The higher the lead content in crystal, the heavier and better it is. Crystal from Europe and Czechoslovakia are famous for their quality worldwide."

Décor and more Crystals are considered great for healing body, mind and soul. Natural Crystals are useful to energise any area of your home, to clear away any unwanted energies.

“It has been researched that crystals have great healing energy and it attracts instant attention of all people who walk into your house. Use of crystals as décor items and as kitchen ware accessories is drastically increasing people are using Crystals for their overall Wellness,” says Sameer Hora of Idus.

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Manhattan clear crystal bath set is a must-have bathroom accessory for the décor conscious
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Dolphin hand cooler by Steuben Glassis a classy piece for the centre table
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R 2,00000 onwards
David Redman crystal barware is a great choice for your bar cabinet and overall décor
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Crystal care
Regular Cleaning: Crystals do require constant cleansing as they tend to attract dust and other germs. An ideal way to
take care of your crystals is by washing them in luke warm soapy water.

With vinegar: For crystal glasses with gold rims or an edge design, never soak them in the solutions containing ammonia. Always stick to mild detergent only.

Shine on: Add a brilliant shine to crystal by adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup of ammonia to a sink full of warm water and liquid dish soap. Because ammonia is harsh, use it sparingly. Don’t use ammonia to clean crystal items that are decorated with gold or silver leaf.

For water stops: You can remove the unwanted hard water spots and cloudiness from crystals by immersing them in warm undiluted white vinegar for at least one hour. Then, wash normally.

Wax out: To remove wax from crystal candle holders, try putting them in the freezer overnight, the next morning, just tap upside down on the counter and the wax will pop out.

First Published: Oct 16, 2010 18:17 IST