'Musharraf fighting terror at personal risk'

US President Bush says Washington is helping Islamabad to have control on Afghan border and stop terrorists from crossing over.

india Updated: Sep 30, 2006 16:24 IST

Acknowledging that President Pervez Musharraf was fighting terror at "great personal risk", US President George Bush has said Washington was helping Pakistan to have stronger control on Afghan border and giving it high-tech equipment to stop terrorists from crossing over.

He said Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and other terrorists "are still in hiding.Our message to them is clear-no matter how long its takes, we will find you, and we're going to bring you to justice".

Musharraf's decision to "fight terrorists was made at great personal risk. They have tried to kill him as a result of his decision, because they know he has chosen to side with the forces of peace and moderation, and that he stands in the way of their hateful vision for his country," he told the Reserve Officers Association on Friday.

Bush said Pakistan president has made a major impact in the war against terrorism and "as we work with Musharraf to bring security to his country, we're also supporting him as he takes steps to build a modern and moderate nation, that will hold free and fair elections next year".

Spelling out how the US was helping Musharraf in tackling terrorists crossing Pak-Afghan border, he said "we are providing high-tech equipment to help Pakistani forces better locate terrorists attempting to cross the border.

"We are funding an air wing with helicopters and fixed- wing aircraft to give Pakistan better security and surveillance capabilities," he said.

First Published: Sep 30, 2006 13:57 IST