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Music heals the soul too

Music has the effectual power to exercise a beneficial influence on the human mind.

india Updated: May 05, 2006 17:03 IST

An important aspect that needs to be stressed is the betterment of a man who finds himself in the clutches of the law.

According to the modern schools of criminology, prisons are meant not to be a place to punish, but to correct/reform and return the offender to society so that he can contribute to its betterment. The objective of punishment is to rehabilitate the offender and to restore him to society as a useful citizen. "A judge is a physician of the society," says Aristotle.

Music has the effectual power to exercise a beneficial influence on the human mind and to guide it along social channels. The importance of music as therapy should not be overlooked. Possibly this would establish a closer relationship between law and music. Certainly, law and courts of law must try to comprehend more and more within their scope. Why should they not begin to include activities on the level of human consciousness and the healing of the mind?

The artist is an exceptionally subtle and sensitive constituent of society. It is the responsibility of society to see that this subtle and sensitive level is kept awake, active, effective; and surely as usual it is the responsibility of the law to discipline society.

Law is a way of life; art is a state of mind. Law, of course, does not exist separately for individuals. It exists for people as a whole. Art is in the first place for an individual and only indirectly for the public at large. The objective of art is to give a certain spiritual satisfaction. Changes brought about through art are changes brought about willingly and therefore can last almost permanently. Changes brought about by the law are certain and precise, but they may be of the nature of compulsion -the objective being to establish external order in society.

Law and music must walk parallel on the same path, in the same direction, towards the same goal, for the meaningful betterment of society.

Extracted from Along the Path of Music, Munshiram Manoharlal.

First Published: May 04, 2006 19:50 IST