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The new mascot of BJP, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is today most hated by many and loved by many others.

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The new mascot of BJP, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is today the most hated for many and most-loved for many others.


Full name - Narendra Modi
Place of birth - Vadnagar, Mahesana District
Education - Graduation - MA in Political Science
Address - Bungalow no 1, Sector-20,Gandhinagar
Contact number - +91-79-3232611-19
Email -


A master organiser. Advani's charioteer. And more recently, the butcher of Gujarat. True or not, that's going to be the encomium that is most identifiable with the current chief minister of Gujarat. Identified with hardcore RSS, Modi was appointed to his first public post in 2001 after the resignation of the then Gujarat CM, Keshubhai Patel.

Modi was in fact never part of electoral politics. He contested the first election of his life in 2002, after becoming CM. But what probably led to his being appointed to the post was his reputation as a party organiser. Many allege that he was brought in to help BJP revive its sagging image and win the forthcoming polls in the state.

Associated with RSS as a pracharak since 1972, Modi was deputed to BJP for his organizational capabilities. Earlier he had worked as General Secretary of the Gujarat unit of the BJP. A behind the scenes worker for long, he is popularly credited with the consecutive victories of the BJP in Gujarat elections, especially as Gujarat became the only state in which BJP was able to complete two assembly terms.

Modi has written books like Sangharsh Ma Gujarat, Patra Swarup Shri Guruji and Setu Bandh, all in Gujarati.

He shot to prominence as organiser of Advani's famous Rath Yatra in 1990. It was from then that his reputation as a master schemer grew. However Modi was later shifted out of Gujarat, reportedly at the behest of the then chief minister, Keshubhai Patel, who said to have found Modi too interfering. In Delhi, Modi was put in charge of various organizational positions, including the Ekta Yatra. He also was BJP incharge of the north Indian states. In 2001, Modi succeeded Patel as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.


Profile: Narendra Modi
Profile Of Narendra Modi
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