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Pak man 'kills' wife, attempts suicide

Amir Shahzad is suspected of having stabbed Nusrat Ali and then trying to hang himself. He is now hospitalised and in critical condition.
PTI | By Nabanita Sircar, London
UPDATED ON SEP 25, 2004 12:59 PM IST

A Pakistani man is suspected to have ruthlessly murdered his wife in the front garden of her house, after their arranged marriage broke down.

Factory worker Amir Shahzad, 29, is suspected of having stabbed Nusrat Ali, 25, in the front garden of her family home in Middlesborough, with a 12 inch chef's knife. After that he tried to hang himself.

Nusrat, who is British-born had married Shahzad, her cousin, five years ago in Pakistan. Within days of the marriage the couple split because of a "clash of culture". She returned to England. Shahzad followed her to Britain 18 months ago to try and make the marriage work. He moved next door to Nusrat's home, in a house he rented from his mother-in-law, who is widowed and lives with her five other daughters. Neighbours say the couple never lived "together as man and wife" and Nusrat was "desperate" wanted him to return to Pakistan.

A neighbour has been quoted saying the couple was totally mismatched. "She was a very independent, modern woman and he was completely different. She used to accuse him of being a refugee because he refused to return to Pakistan even when it was obvious the marriage simply wouldn't work," said the neighbour.

A neighbour called the police on Tuesday morning after witnessing Nusrat being stabbed repeatedly in the torso and leg. The police gave her first aid and rushed her to hospital where she was declared dead. Detective Inspector Stan Drummond said: "There was a large kitchen knife near her. A member of the public said he had seen the suspect run into his own house."

He added: "Officers broke down the door and found him hanging from a banister by a rope which was attached to his neck. Officers cut him down and resuscitated him." He was taken to hospital and is believed to be unconscious and in a "critical condition" in intensive care.

Shahzad worked as a shelf-stacker for £200 a week. Drummond said: "It is clear Miss Ali never accepted her husband. The Ali family own both their house and the adjoining house and were putting him up there as a favour." Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. Drummond said officers are keen to speak to anyone in the area, particularly those who knew Nusrat.

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