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Perfect twosome

Finding the right direction can help locate Mr or Ms Right. Feng shui expert Raman Datta tells more.

india Updated: Oct 14, 2008 17:19 IST

A supportive family and a bunch of like-minded friends play an important role in our life.

However, it is rare to meet someone who fulfills all your expectations. By accepting a relationship which is less than perfect, you will learn to adapt, compromise and in the process, develop greater self-awareness.

Right directions
According to the Compass School of feng shui, there are eight directions in all. Four are beneficial.. four are harmful.

Identifying and implementing the ways of positivity and avoiding the adverse ones is a must.

These directions are calculated according to your date of birth. There is a unique vibration emanating from the compass directions that will influence you in a positive or negative way.

All men and women irrespective of age, experience or socio-economic stratas are looking for their right partner. Finding the right direction can help locate Mr or Ms Right.

Head right:The southeast helps you become more confident when starting a relationship. Sleep with your head pointed in this direction. Also, place a bowl of fresh water in this part of the house.

Southward hope:South energy makes you more social, outgoing and expressive. So sleep with your head pointing south.

Flower power:Southwestern energy puts more zeal into your relationship and finds ways to make it flourish. To activate it, place fresh yellow flowers and use more of yellow in this area. Also sit facing this direction and make sure you do not criticise another while you are sitting together. Listen to each other and hear what your partner has to say.

Love, etc:The west makes you feel more romantic, playful and fun loving. This direction also helps attract a new partner. If possible, place a flower vase with two fresh red or pink flowers in the western sector of your home.

Women who wish to attract the intrinsic male chi into their orbit, can use the symbolism of the dragon effectively.
Men who are looking for love, a suitable spouse and wish to start a family can use the phoenix.

This signifies the female yin energy, but is also a very yang creature. The phoenix symbol brings about a good match and professional luck.