Play with lights to liven up your home
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Play with lights to liven up your home

Orange gives the room a fun and flamboyant flavour. When you’re doing rooms for kids, it is important to play with bright and vibrant colours. Here are some suggestions you may want to consider.

india Updated: Sep 25, 2010 18:17 IST
Parul Khanna Tewari
Parul Khanna Tewari
Hindustan Times

Reading corner in a child’s room

About the room

This part of the child’s room has been transformed into a small reading area with a chair, a table and a reading light. The emphasis is not on the furniture but on the clock. People think of a clock as a utility product, but here it is used as a painting. The clock used here has been inspired by cartoons and is ideal for young kids.

Why these colours?

The room is in a vivid orange palette. The orange gives the room a fun and flamboyant flavour. When you’re doing rooms for kids, it is important to play with bright and vibrant colours.

Light on lighting

RoomThe lights keep the red wall flat and basic. The colour hasn’t been highlighted. Since this is a reading corner in a kid’s room, there is a floor reading lamp. It lights up the area correctly and is also aesthetic.

(Expert advice by Ashish Taneja, CEO of design house Zolijns)

Living room

About the room
Many people believe modernist interiors are very stark. In this living room, minimalist and contemporary furniture and artefacts are used. Yet, a sense of warmth has been retained. The leather sofa is rich, formal and easy to maintain. Eye-catching accessories like a magazine bucket and mini-bar have been added to give character to the space.

Why these colours?
The red and black wallpaper gives the room a bold look. It also goes well with the straight-line furniture. The flooring (blue-green Indian stone) is understated and keeps the emphasis on the wall. The minimalistic furniture gives the space a formal look which is fine since the room is not a personal space but is meant to entertain guests. The black leather sofa stands out against the red.

Light on lighting
The two lights are used as sculptures that respond to each other: one emerges from the floor, the other from the ceiling to meet at the same horizontal. One lights the accessory unit, the other lights the ceiling. Lights should be art pieces during the day and functional at night.

The good looks guide

Colours and lighting determine the look of any room. Here are some suggestions you may want to consider

Hue and cry
Play with your favourite colours – different people react to colours in different ways. For some, orange is fun and flamboyant but others may find it jarring. Choose shades that reflect your personality.

Avoid using too many shades. Use one bright colour to create a feature wall. Keep the rest earthy.

Use vibrant colours in spaces that receive visitors, to suggest your taste and personality. You could also use large and bright lights to add to the visual impact in these spaces.

Bedrooms should feature colours that you are comfortable with. You could also use a soft colour on the ceiling to add a degree of warmth to the room.

Kids’ rooms should be bright and vibrant.

Shine on

Use lighting based on need rather than only to make the room look attractive. Use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights based on utility. Only then focus on the aesthetic aspects.

Never use down-lighters in bedrooms as they hurt the eye as you lie on the bed. Table and floor lamps work well.

Use sleek and straight floor lamps for formal settings that have limited space.

Use floor lamps with large lamp shades in rooms like living areas or TV rooms. They work as artefacts. Try to use similar lights all over the house. Avoid mixing different concepts.

Formal areas should be understated – use subtle lighting and lamps that can be moved around so that they can be displayed in several ways.

Keep the fixed lighting concealed, indirect and soft, and play with table and floor lamps as accents.

First Published: Sep 25, 2010 16:49 IST