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Remembering Operation Trident

ON DECEMBER 4, during the 1971 war the Indian Navy played a significant role in the bombing of Karachi harbour, when Operation Trident was launched. Owing to its success, since then December 4 is celebrated as Navy Day.

india Updated: Dec 04, 2006 17:50 IST

ON DECEMBER 4, during the 1971 war the Indian Navy played a significant role in the bombing of Karachi harbour, when Operation Trident was launched. Owing to its success, since then December 4 is celebrated as Navy Day.

Various functions to mark the Indian Navy’s 36th anniversary are being held in Bhopal Military Station and veterans and senior officers of the station will attend a social gathering organised at the SCC Mess in the evening.

Bhopal has a significant number of men in whites. The 33 Services Selection Board of Selection Centre Central, Bhopal is for the naval entries; it carries out the important task of selecting potential Naval Officers for different branches in the Navy.

There is also a battalion of Naval NCC at Bhopal where Naval Officers and sailors train young NCC cadets and play a great role in guiding the youth in correct direction. This unit has brought many laurels to the MP Directorate of NCC in Inter Directorate NCC Competitions held this year.

The Indian Navy is organised into three regional commands: HQ Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam; HQ Western Naval Command, Mumbai; and HQ Southern Naval Command, Kochi, each headed by a flag officer.

The Western Naval Command is headquartered in Bombay on the Arabian Sea; the Southern Naval Command in Kochi (Cochin), in Kerala, also on the Arabian Sea; and the Eastern Naval Command in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, on the Bay of Bengal. Additionally, the navy has important bases in Calcutta and Goa.

The Indian Navy is currently going through an intense phase of expansion, modernisation and upgrading. India is constructing three Shivalik class frigate, three , 10 Bangaram class fast patrol vessels, 12 super Dvora Mk.II class fast patrol vessels, one Magar class Amphibious Warfare Vessel, three Shardul class LST Amphibious Warfare Vessels, eight mine counter-measures vessels and six.

Yantar, plant in was awarded a contract to build three additional 1135.6 frigates costing India US$1.56 billion. The increased price is due to more sophisticated armaments such as, Cruise Missile. The Navy has the Government’s approval for an additional eight warships. Also newer technology like the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) named Flatfish is being developed for the Indian Navy to protect the littoral domain.

The Indian Navy is also planning to induct new maritime patrol aircraft. With the latest upgrades and inductions Indian Navy is headed to become Blue Water Navy i.e. a maritime force capable of operating across the of open oceans very soon.

Education scholarships
IN ORDER to provide incentive for promising children of all ranks of the Army, the Education Scholarship for Army Personnel (ESSA) was introduced to provide scholarships to eligible children with effect from January 1, 1978. Children between the ages of 5 and 25 years of all serving officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and other ranks are eligible.

The scheme covers children studying in schools, colleges and other educational institutions recognised by the state or Central Government.

Scholarships are awarded for one academic year based on marks obtained in the final examination. ESSA awards as many as 9,000 scholarships at each level from primary to post graduate level. Applications in the prescribed format can be sent to the Ceremonial & Welfare Directorate ESSA.

Did you know?
THE BERLIN Wall came to symbolise the Cold War (1945-1990). It was put up in 1961 on the orders of East Germany’s leader, Walter Ulbricht, to stop people leaving for the West. However, during the wall’s existence there were around 5,000 successful escapes into West Berlin.

Over 200 people were killed trying to make it across. East Berliners breached the wall in November 1989. The following year Germany was re-united. These events signaled the end of the wartime allies’ occupation of Germany and the Cold War itself.

From 1945 until 1993 the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) had, alongside its NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Allies, trained and prepared in Germany for war against the Warsaw Pact countries. Many British soldiers still serve in Germany today.

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First Published: Dec 04, 2006 17:50 IST