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Review: Big Stan

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Rob Schneider now makes his debut as a director with this wannabe laugh-riot, writes Rashid Irani.

india Updated: Jan 09, 2009 19:42 IST
Rashid Irani

Big Stan
: Rob Schneider, Jennifer Morrison
Direction: Rob Schneider
Rating: **

Adam Sandler did it. So why can’t Rob Schneider? The former Saturday Night Live comedian now makes his debut as a director with this wannabe laugh-riot.

A curious cross between The Longest Yard, Stir Crazy and --- believe it or bleat --- Spike Lee’s provocative 25th Hour, the ha-ha stuff casts Schneider as a con man convicted to a jail sentence.

As it turns out, he’s not ready for life behind bars. Quite conveniently, then, a lawyer (veteran character actor E Emmet Walsh in fine fettle) arranges for a six month reprieve. Time enough to train with a kung-fu sensei (David Carradine, the Kill Bill star, as laconic as ever) before heading to prison.

Once there, the buffed up hero earns the respect of the toughest inmates. Crammed with lowbrow ideas, the script squanders almost every single comedic possibility. Populated with loony louts and cipher characters, the movie caters to those with a taste for gags of the dumb and dumber variety.

Admittedly, as a funny guy Rob Schneider isn’t half bad; his high-energy efforts actually yield titters on occasion.

At most, Big Stan should appeal to an undemanding, pre-adolescent audience. Others will merely have to grin and bear it.