Sex with wife's best pal!

I think I am addicted to sex as I keep dreaming of having sex with my wife's friends. What should I do?

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Sex with wife's best pal!

I am married from past eight years and have two kids. I think I am addicted to sex because I fantasize having sex with my wife's friends. I have even got a chance to indulge in sexual act sex with my wife's best pal. Now, I am scared about how to proceed? Please advise.


'My boobs look weird'

I am a 17-year-old girl. I think my breasts look really weird. I don't have normal nipples like I've seen on various porn sites. Instead, they have these huge pink blobs. Moreover, I have hair on my breasts. Is this normal?


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Menses are a menace!

I am a 30-year-old girl. Last two to three years have been really painful for me as far as my menses are concerned. My menstrual blood is reduced to half. Even my usual four-day cycle has reduced to two days only. Otherwise, I have a regular 30 days cycle. My weight is 51 Kgs and height is 5'5" and I am not anemic. I am worried about this problem. What could it be?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
You might be heading for an early menopause. However you must see a gynecologist and get a thorough check up. Don't worry. It can be a hormonal imbalance amenable to treatment.


Pain in the vein

From past three, I am experiencing pain in my knee. It is neither a joint pain nor any muscular one. On my kneecap there is a blood vein that is divided into two parts. At that dividing point, I have unbearable pain. If I don't touch it, I feel nothing. What can it be? Do I need to consult the doctor? Please guide me.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
You should see a doctor for its diagnosis and management. Your family doctor will be best suited to decide in case you need help from any specialist.


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