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Spotlight on skinny guys

The recently-concluded Menswear Spring/Summer 2008 shows in Milan and Paris showcased a new trend - skinny male models, reports Jaydeep Ghosh.
Hindustan Times | By Jaydeep Ghosh
UPDATED ON JUL 26, 2007 02:46 PM IST

The recently-concluded Menswear Spring/Summer 2008 shows in Milan and Paris hint at a new trend - skinny male models. This time the trend has shifted from cargo pants that were pretty big a year ago, to pants with a lean and straight silhouette.

Gucci showcased the sexy look for guys with hip-hugging pants and suits that were tight at the shoulder. Armani awed all with inventive Jodhpur pants - baggy at the hips and super tight and buttoned at the calves. The current mood in men's fashion seems to be positioned at guys with a 30 inch waist and pert butt.

Ashish Soni said, "It's difficult for the body type of Indian men to carry off the skinny, slim-fit look. This kind of style really looks good only on very lean bodies - almost like those of schoolboys."

Ravi Bajaj, for one, is sure that the slim look for men is definitely in. We don't doubt his liking for the lean look as he himself wears fitted suits and slim pants and looks good in them.

Sunit Varma looks great in his drainpipe pants and so does Navin Ansal. Thom Browne suits, which are designed so snug that they actually look a few sizes too small, may be the hottest style for guys. In the real world, though, an average male wearing the famous label might be seen as someone wearing a borrowed suit that doesn't fit.

Moral of the story: wear what looks good on you rather than what looks good on the ramp.

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