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SurferSpeak | 'The insane president'

Bush seems to think he is a Napolean on a divine mission, says our surfer.

india Updated: Feb 02, 2007, 12:02 IST
Dr Harold Mandel
Dr Harold Mandel

George W Bush is criminally insane. He has lied to the American people and to the people of the world one too many times for good taste. And, he has cost far too many innocent Americans and foreigners their lives from his wars as he continues to lie about his reasoning for this state of affairs with no feelings at all for his victims. He has manifested the same cold, detached lack of respect for human life as a deranged inmate on death row in a federal prison.

As is true of all insane people who are well educated President Bush has been very clever about the reasoning behind his acts of blatant genocide against humanity. And, all along he has directed the literal torture of American citizens and foreigners alike with no concern at all about violating the human rights of people around the clock with unconstitutional eavesdropping, harassment, beatings and murders.

This is what happens when a man has delusions of grandeur in dealing with his place in this world. Bush appears to think he is another Napolean who has been given a divine mission to have his military troops storm across the world in acts of self-perceived heroism while devastating his homeland with more and more tyrannical acts on a daily basis.

Actually in his subliminal consciousness Bush appears to be identifying with such hostile figures in world history as Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot. In fact the type of juvenile mind Bush has consistently portrayed himself as having actually identifies with such brutal figures in world history as interesting people to identify with. Clearly Bush's adolescent mind which found itself falling too easily into positions of great wealth and power has enjoyed the brutality of such cruel people in history which has served as lessons for him to learn from for his adventures in mass killings on the planet.

Bush was clearly given far too much money and power too early in life before he had a chance to mature and learn the meaning of a hard day's work due to the shared apparent insanity and poor judgment of his father, President Bush Sr. Serious mental illnesses generally run in families. The poorest young men and women whose lives are being sacrificed in Bush's wars have clearly fallen victim to the brainwashing techniques of this idealogue.

Bush actually has no morale high ground to stand on in his wars against Saddam Hussein and his people and the terrorists since he alone has proven to be more violent, less feeling and more hostile than his enemies. Saddam Hussein and his inner circle along with the insurgents and terrorists have at times manifested empathy and offered help for poor and hurting people in Iraq and elsewhere. Yet, Bush has proven to have no capacity for the emotion of empathy and he has maintained an intransigent position in dealing with his real or perceived of enemies.

The high body counts and high numbers of casualties from Bush's wars serve as a reminder that the price for his delusional escapades around the world has been high. Bush was highly successful in moving to cement the image of Texas as Americas "killing fields" during his terms in office as governor of Texas.

He never budged for even a moment on support for the escalating rate of executions in Texas often after unjust trials against the innocent. And, Bush helped to create a "Mental Healthcare Genocide Centre" in Texas which has served to help crush the free spirits of young and old Americans alike who never wanted to see the revolutionary spirit and sexual revolution of the 1960s shut down so abruptly.

Yet the castrations and painful drugging of the minds of free spirits from Texas and visiting Texas have gone on around the clock under orders from Bush's judicial appointments who have helped him crack down on individualism and freedom in America.

Bush and his right-wing fanatics have done more to crush free speech, a free press, freedom of expression and the sexual revolution for generations of Americans than we ever imagined Saddam Hussein, insurgents and terrorists would. And Bush's hard crackdowns on free American spirits and the sexual revolution have had nothing at all to do with concerns over civil order or public health care concerns.

Such revolutionary spirits all along have generally been peace activists who are well educated enough to understand how to maintain calm while avoiding infectious diseases and unwanted pregnancies. They have been interested in enjoying their lives in this world instead of suffering and dieing pre-maturely to nurture the interests of their criminally insane leader, George W Bush.

Bush's consistent attacks on basic freedoms for so many people can be further explained by his sadistic urge to look down upon others due to the childish state of his mind. So, Bush and his followers come out looking like the hearty sun-baked Marlboro styled cowboys riding off into the sunset on their horses with sexy Texas chicks under their arms while Bush's victims lie devastated on the floors of mental health institutions, in jails, in ghetto dwellings and on ghetto streets.

When Bush and his inner circle get finished with their victims they generally can not even afford a cold shower to clean up let alone a new shirt and pants and a romance by the beach. President George W Bush actually is incompetent in more ways than one. He has demonstrated a multi-dimensional inability to deal with human affairs in a rational manner. He has been displaying the emotions of a paranoid schizophrenic with suggestions he feels he is in some manner on a divine mission to lead the American people and the people of the world out of what he chooses to perceive of as a deep dark abyss of ignorance.

And, Bush has spent tens of billions of dollars in political funds and national funds to fuel his mis-directed interests just like a person suffering from manic-depression would with no concern at all for the consequences of his chronic over-spending. This has all been a manifestation of Bush's exceedingly poor judgment so typical of a mentally ill person as he makes America go broke and become one of the most feared and hated nations in world history.

This is what happens when a person who is criminally insane becomes president of the United States. Impeachment would have been a good idea for President George W Bush a long time ago in order to protect the American people and other people internationally from the pain of his presence in the White House.

However, Bush's insanity has lead to infectious rages of support among not just the FBI and CIA but also among members of the United States Senate and Congress who never recovered enough from his brainwashing techniques to act properly and expediently in dealing with their president.

The world has not seen anything like this since President George W Bush's father, past President Bush, was in the White House and since Adolf Hitler hyped up the emotions of the German government and people during his reign of power.

Dr Harold Mandel is attached with Mandel News Service and can be contacted

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfer and do not necessarily represent those of

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