The cosmic breath

Updated on Apr 27, 2004 05:36 PM IST

It is now time for us to feel the Cosmic Breath, so that we can move forward on our spiritual path with greater confidence.

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PTI | ByVeena Minocha

The soul is Infinitely larger than we can comprehend with our puny human brains. Besides, we have allowed ourselves to extend the limits of this soul only within the parameters of what our minds can visualize. For us, the expanse of our souls is as limited as our restrictive minds can perceive. The reason why we do this is because we only comfortable with a small amount of Cosmic Energy. Anything beyond this frightens us, and we feel afraid of the unknown depths, or expanses which we might be taken to!

It is now time for us to feel the Cosmic Breath, so that we can move forward on our spiritual path with greater confidence and power. Our yogis have always known how to expand their consciousness to Cosmic Levels, and it is now time to reveal how this can be simply and easily done in the comfort and ease of your own home.

We have always practiced, what I call vertical breathing, or linear breathing. Our breath had had a component of a single dimension, going only one way, up and down. We now have to think outside the box, and expand to colour our breath outside the lines within which we had previously defined it.

Take a few normal deep breaths, whilst sitting in a meditative posture, i.e. back straight, head vertically in line with the back, and hands held loosely, palms upwards, on the thighs. Make sure that your legs do not touch each other, keep a gap of at least four inches between the knees and between the feet. Watch the breaths as they move, in and out, until a definite rhythmic pattern is observed.

Now, focusing your attention on your third eye, that is a little above and between the eyebrows, inhale a large amount of air, filling your lungs completely, by pushing out the abdominal muscles. Make sure the upper part of your lungs is also filled with this huge intake of 'prana' through this breath.
Exhale the breath very slowly, and visualize it moving out of your chest in a circular fashion, so that the upper part of your body is encircled by this outbreath.
Repeat this, and on the next exhalation, visualize the sphere growing outwards to encompass your whole body. Repeat, and this time, let the exhaled sphere of air encircle the whole room.
Repeat, until the sphere encircles your whole house.
Carry on with the next breath, to encompass your whole neighbourhood.
Move on to encompass your town, then your country, then your planet.
Now we move on to encircle the whole solar system with one breath.
We move further to encompass, and hold within our outbreath the whole galaxy. Move on to fill the whole Universe with your outbreath.
When you get to the last expansiveness, you have reached the Cosmic Breath. At this point of time you will feel your Oneness with the Cosmos!

Those of you who have never done any breathing exercises may be cautioned to start by practising expansion slowly, learning one new step of the process everyday, forward into the Cosmic Breath. Do not attempt to do the whole exercise together, for it may release so much from your body, that it may cause terrible discomfort.

I usually recommend that once you get familiar and comfortable with expansion to one stage, only then you should go on to learn expanding to the next stage.

The benefits of learning this simple exercise will be individually experienced, in different ways, but joy and peace will certainly accompany all experiential advantages!

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