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The 'Etheric' Universe

The so-called discovery of the Shadow Universe by scientists is a welcome one, as it will validate the "Spiritualist's unsubstantiated wild imaginings"!

india Updated: Jan 20, 2004 16:00 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

There is a slowly evolving theory among scientists that every known particle in the Universe, from the electron to the neutrino has a counterpart that has, maddeningly for scientists, eluded physical detection.

Yet the scientific statistical fingers point unerringly to the existence of a Shadow Universe, which the Spiritualists called the Etheric Body of every atom of matter! Talk about amazing science following fanciful unsubstantiated Spirituality!

This aspect came to light, when scientists were studying the behaviour of 'muons', which are subatomic particles with negative or positive electrical charges, also called the heavier cousins of electrons. In a study of the behaviour of dust motes in liquids, it was found that they exhibit a random motion, as if they have been repeatedly struck by invisible atoms and molecules.

Theoretically, these particles should have behaved according to the established laws of physical matter. Even when these muons were put into a vacuum chamber, they still gyrated like tops, seemingly on collision with these unseen particles.

This new pattern of their dancing put into doubt the old theories, and made them open to accepting that there may be some more undiscovered matter in space around them that actually participate to make them exhibit this irrational movement.

Suddenly, scientists are opening their minds to the possibilities of the existence of a supersymmetric Universe, which interpenetrates the physical bodies of matter, as a finer counterpart.

Why didn't they ask the Ancient Indian Yogi, who has always stood fast by the theory that every bit of matter contains around it a symmetrical finer body, or a shadow of it, called its 'etheric body'? As scientists are tantalized by the glimpse of a yet unproven etheric Universe, spiritualists use this Etheric Body of all matter to 'heal' all ailments that would otherwise affect the 'physical' body.

"Supersymmetry" is a theory that scientists postulate in this century but is a subject that our Ancient Treatises, especially those on Healing, have always taken as an established principle. Spiritualists believe that all ailments and physical problems start when the particles comprising the finer etheric body of a human are sent into a tizzy with the bombardment of negative energies, whether mental or emotional.

Once these etheric body particles are disrupted in their symmetrical dance of life, they strike the physical atoms of the body in tandem with their own disruptive movements. That is why it is said, in our Spiritual Healing Texts, that an illness appears in the etheric body first, and then is transferred to the physical body.

This 'progress' that science is trying to make by their so-called discovery of the Shadow Universe is a welcome one, as they will have then given proper credence, and validation to the "Spiritualist's unsubstantiated wild imaginings"! Let us hope that science will progress sufficiently to keep up with the Spiritual Sciences laid down in our Ancient Treatises.

First Published: Jan 20, 2004 15:43 IST